Foxy and Yvette do Hollywood

by on May 5, 2011

On of the weirdest things about my new place is that I look out over a park and I can always hear random homeless people talking.  It’s a bizarre take on their lives, I hear them debate all sorts of topics and even teach each other Tai Chi.  Enlightening….I think.  Speaking of homeless people, I went to Hollywood the other day!  Hahahah!!!  No really roomie and I decided to get out on the town for a night and headed to Hollywood to meet up with some girlfriends.

We were very poorly planned for the night and didn’t think it would take an hour and a half to get to the club!  When you are in LA man there really is ALWAYS traffic.  So we headed out and drove for about 45 min and got off on Hollywood blvd (mistake #1) 

This was outa control!!!  Our goal was like 6 blocks away and it took over a half an hour.  In times like these there is nothing else to do but start the car party!!!!!  We cranked up the music and started dancing right there and photo whoring it up!

We started to draw a lot of attention.  Guys were taking photos of us from their car and asking what club we were going to be at…. You know I was shouting out “Google the golden fox girl baby!!!” 


We passed the infamous Hollywood blvd and Vine!

From Wikipedia

“Hollywood and Vine, the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, became famous in the 1920s for its concentration of radio and movie-related businesses. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is centered on the intersection.”

Once we realized where the club (Kress) was WE HAD PASSED IT L so we had to round the block…20 min… and find parking.  First lot the guy wanted $20 Yvette just kept saying “NO!” in an obstinate voice.  Finally the guy was like “ok then leave”. Hahahahah!!!  FAIL!  As we were pulling out I asked “so ummm we still have to park right?”  So the next lot we saw we pulled in and this guy wanted $10 ok we can do that, and we are parked, at 1230am.  On to the club!  So we walk up to the door and we realize that our friends are on the other side of the building and we are at the back door.  After 1 ½ of traffic, yelling at parking lots dudes and walking a block I was not about to walk around that building!  So I pulled out my best “I’m not from here, I don’t understand, can I please come in your nice club??? (Insert doe eyes) and BAM we waltz in the back door 😉  Thank you kind bouncer!

Kress is kinda a cool place. There are three floors, a roof top, a 2nd story that looks like a old mansion, and a basement were it gets sweaty and greasy.  We tried all three; we stayed in the basement 😉

We found our friends….Hello ladies!!

The only thing about this place is that the guys were like piranhas and wouldn’t stay off of us.  Like they up in Hollywood and never seen a girl before *lame*  Example of Chauncey:

I did meet Alvin Ellie a model/actor who invited me to his VIP for a drink and turned out to be a very nice guy.  Nice to meet you Alvin 😉 

We ended up in the DJ booth at the end of the night talking with the guys and they kindly gave us a ride to our car 😉 

They even introduced us to Tye MoHawk a drummer from LA with, yes, one of the biggest Mohawks I’ve EVER seen!

 So that’s a wrap on the Hollywood night.  I would like to explore this town a little more for sure!!



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