6-21-11 update

by on June 22, 2011

Man I love the summer!!!!  Life gets really fast around this time of year.  There is so much to do and so many events to attend.  I will try and blog it all as fast as I can, but I’m still getting started at this so it’s ok to hackle me a little bit about my delays in writing! 

I just had an amazing weekend with K-jazz in Vegas.  We hung around the pool all weekend and I have a pretty fabulous tan now 😉 ill blog all about it soon but it’s gonna take a minute to sort through the 611 photos I took!!! OMG VAIN!!!  Hahahahaha

Next blog up is on my families lingerie collection… don’t get too excited boys, its lingerie from the 1800’s 😉 we loaned it to the Victorian society for a fashion show they had.  Yes everyone that is right you’re little Foxy went to a proper tea at high noon with the who’s who of Orange County.  Fun right?!!!  Oh and you know I had the outfit for it too!!!!!! 

Ok I’m off to blog my little heart out….bye!



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