“Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.”- Mae West

My name is Katie and I’m The Golden Fox…..

Welcome to my blog!  I’m a girl in her twenties, living in sunny California, who has tons of fun!!!!  I thought I would create this blog so you all can follow along.  Feel free to leave me comments and offer up your opinions.  I’m just getting started at this so I would love your feedback, what you love, what you hate, what you wanna see more of.  Together we can make this a lot of fun! 

Here is one of those silly quizes so you can know more about me…..

Lefty/righty/ambidextrous:  righty – though I practiced with both when I was younger just incase….

Piercings:  only two in each ear now but I’ve had four in each ear and a noise ring.

Tattoos: nope there is nothing that I want on body forever yet

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn I’m a sure footed goat!

Ring Size: 5 ½ and I love gold, thank you 😉

Are you named after anyone?  I don’t think so but I would love to think my namesake is Catherine the Great!!!!!

Do you live in the moment?  Life is nothing but a series of moments.  Some good some bad.

Do you consider yourself tolerant to others?  I try to be but I do have high expectations of people.  We are such amazing creatures I wish we would do more with what we were given.

Do you have any secrets?  All kinds of them!!!  But at least one person knows each secret, that’s kinda the fun of it.

Do you like your handwriting? No way   I’m a terrible speller and I get tired of writing half way through a sentence, my brain is already onto the next thought.

Do you have any bad habits?  Yep I love sugar, I eat late at night, I’m never on time, I hate working out, I’m kinda a know it all.

Do you think life has been good so far?  It’s been a wild ride that I never expected.  I’m so excited to see what happens every day I wake up.

If you were another person, would you be friends with you?  Ya but I would call me out on bullshit all the time 😉  thanks to all my friends who do that!

Any regrets?  Yes but without them I would not be the magnificent creature you see today!  Ok really of course there are things that I wish I hadn’t done, but I did.  You can’t go back.  So I learn and I try to be smarter each day.

Are you confident?  Not as much as people think.

How long does it take you to shower?  Shower? Or get ready?  Because the shower takes like 30min but the getting ready can take hours!

Do you:

Drink?  Absolutely!

Sleep with stuffed animals?  Ummmmm no defiantly not.

Take walks in the rain?  Hahahahaah!!!  Yes because I never remember my umbrella!  I’m also convinced that I won’t melt; I think some people are afraid of melting.

Talk to people even if you hate them?  Nope.  If I hate you trust me you know it.

Want to get married?  Not really

Want to have children?  See that’s the problem, I figure I should one day so I’m accepting applications….. Hahahaha!!!

Sing in the shower?  I sing all the time.  I’m terrible too.

Like coffee?  Hi do you know me?  Coffee is my best friend, I’m never without it!  But I’m not addicted! I just like it a lot…. Don’t judge me

Wear makeup every time you go out?  I used to.  Then I moved to Cali home of the hater and I stopped.  People are so over the top about their looks out here that I just went the opposite way and was like forget it I’m good looking without make up, most girls can’t say that.

Love roller coasters?  Yes yes yes yes!!!!!  You wanna go?!!!  Let’s go now!!!!!

Like to cook?  I hate cooking!  No I don’t want you to teach me.  No it’s not because I don’t know how.  No it’s not a woman’s job.  And no I won’t ever learn to like it.  But I do love men who cook for me 😉 especially if they put on a cute little apron…..  Hahahahaha!!!

Have you ever:

Been out of the country?  Oh yes and will continue.  Watch my blogs you’ll see!!!

Been in love?  Yep but it didn’t work out how I thought it would and don’t like talking about it.

Gone skinny dipping?  Hehehehe nooooo that’s naughty!

Had surgery?  Yes and its wild, your whole body basically dies while you’re “under” and when you wake up nothing works!  How come no one ever talks about that?  It sucks.  The whole top layer of my skin peeled off and I swelled up like a balloon for days.  Ewwwwww I don’t like it.

Played strip poker?  I’m bad at poker.  I would lose.  No game there.

Been on stage?  Oh god.  A few times, I’m so shy about stuff like that, it HATE it!

Slept all day?  YES!!!  I love sleeping I do it a lot.

Kissed a stranger?  Well you just haven’t lived if you haven’t kissed a stranger!  Sometimes it gets me in trouble.  Right Alain?  Sorry Jado 🙁

Had a dream that came true?  Yes and it flipped me out!  Remember that guys?  I told everyone.  Now I realize that lots of people dream the future and I’ve had it happen a few times.

Been on radio/TV?  I was on TV at the horse races this one time being interviewed.  They had to pull me up there I didn’t want to!!!  Oh man Canterbury Kevin I’ll get you back one day! 

Live in other states?  I’ve moved states 5 times in 10 years.  I love moving.  It keeps life exciting and challenging!

Spun until you were immensely dizzy?  Yes I was six, I fell in a rose bush, and I don’t want to talk about it….

Ran into a wall?  I’m blonde

Been rejected by a crush?  All the time!  Hahahahah  

Cried in public?  Ya like in the bathroom in Vegas.  Remember K-jazz?  “You’re too pretty to cry”  blahhhhhh

Shopped at Abercrombie and Fitch?  I would rather die.

Passed out?  No but I’ve seen people pass out and it’s weird.

This or That

Pepsi or Coke:  I don’t drink that junk

McDonalds or Burger King:  that is not food 

Chocolate or Vanilla:  vanilla,   wait are we talking about men….?

Black or White:  depends on if I’m feeling good or bad 😉

Book or magazine:  book

Sun or moon:  that’s a hard one, I like them both.

Florida or California:  Florida!!!!!!!  CA gets too cold for me.

The city, the beach, OR the country:  city

Right this moment…

What are you wearing?  Silk Victoria’s Secret robe given to me as a gift from Jo Jo.

What are you worried about?  Nothing at all

What book are you reading?  Molecules of emotion – Candace B Pert, PH. D

Are you talking to anyone online or on the phone?  Texting

Are you lonely or content?  Content, I like to be alone.


Your favorite:

Restaurant:  A little Thai place in Minneapolis.

Season: summer

Type of weather: stormy

Emotion:  excitement

Color: blue

Perfume:  Romance- Ralph Lauren

Candy:  hot tamales!

Fruit:  grapes

Type of cake:  Suz’s pumpkin cake

TV Show:  the office

Day of the week: Saturday

Month:  July

Holiday:  Halloween

Flower:  orchid

Ok I’m done now.  You don’t need to know anything else!

 Thanks for stopping by I hope you stay to play 😉



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8 Responses to “About”

  • Judy says:

    Katie I will be following your blog and living vicariously through you!!! Pic’s are beautiful and so are you, keep them coming! 😉

  • foxy says:

    thank you judy!!

  • Katie I hope all is well. I’ve enjoyed your blog so far and I am looking forward for more :)Let me know when you post your blog and pictures about Memorial Day Wkend. It was pleasure meeting you at rehab (out of all places lol!)

    • says:

      So great to meet you to Tony! Thanks for the encouragement 🙂 I will get the weekend up in a few weeks, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook me you will see when I have a new post up. I hope we can see each other again, stay in touch!

  • Aragor says:

    You forgot your favorite movie. My guess is The Godfather.

  • Patti jass says:

    Love the mini bio… What can I say miss Katie Kate !!! …you have the gift of the magical pen. Keep it comming .. Little p ..

  • kb deluxe says:

    nice site, great hotel pics of regis! have a nice life and keep up the great work

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