Aloha, Mahalo, Ohana, Kauai

by on September 16, 2011

Mr. X (who prefers to not be known on my blog…booooooo) surprised me with a trip to Kauai!!!!  Nice guy huh?!!! 😉 So I threw Alpha and some bikinis into my suitcase and off I went!  Kauai is known as the garden island.  It’s one of the oldest Hawaiian Islands and therefore has the oldest plant and animal life.  It rains quite a bit here, in fact it boasts the wettest place on earth where it literally rains 360 days a year!  This island is so lush and beautiful that they use it for shooting all sorts of movies like South Pacific, Jurassic Park, King Kong, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, and on and on….  Ok so you exited yet???  Cause I was way excited when I realized I was about to run through the jungle like Indiana Jones!!!!!  I even got my King Kong scream ready just incase 🙂 

We got up super early and headed to LAX airport, also known as “biggest pain in the ass airport”. I’m a lion in the morning and have eaten a few people for looking me directly in the eye, so I was trying very hard to be on my best behavior. My first challenge came after checking in when I loudly asked “where is my gate?” Mr. X kindly drew my attention to the large red sign…. It was VERY EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bit him.

I made my way through security and was groped by a very nice TSA lady. Apparently maxi dresses are on red alert.  I asked if I could have a man because at least it might be fun then, I was denied.  I told the lady to give me a back massage why she was at it then.  I’m glad she laughed and didn’t arrest me 😉 she was actually really nice.  She told me I was her 45th maxi dresses that morning and she was only 4hrs into a 15hr shift  ekkkkk!  That’s a lot of cute girls to rub down!  Hahahaha!   I love airports, the people who work there always treat me like a dumb blonde who might run into walls at any moment.   Believe it or not they let me on the plane and we were whisked away to the Hawaiian Islands!!!  Ahhhhhh vacation 🙂

When I landed I found myself at a tiny little airport that had one huge differents, no walls!!!!  Just gates and steamy hot air.  I LOVE humidity, its sooooooooo good for your skin.  I was already loving this island!  I grabbed my bags (ok no I didn’t Mr. X did -come on now I don’t carry bags!) and wasted no time getting my bikini on and finding a drink with an umbrella! 

Mai tai



Happy foxy

Beach time!!!!!!


By the time we got to our room and settled in the time change caught up to me and I was crashed out by 9pm.  When I woke up in the morning I was presented with a breakfast of fresh guava 🙂 now that’s heavenly!  

I sat on the balcony and had breakfast, look at this view and yes that is the infamous Bali High at the end of the mountians!

I was greeted by very friendly geese that became a little pushy with their big eyes staring at me waiting for a hand out.  I threw guava at them but they didn’t even want it!

I was able to bust out Alphas long distance lens for the first time!  This is Bali High from the same porch just a different lens, pretty amazing huh?

The first thing we set out to do was go to Lumaha’i Beach where South Pacific was filmed and Nellie sang “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair”  You have to take a trail down to the beach.  Here is a shot from the cliff above.  Does anyone have some shampoo???

Down the trail we go….

As you come out you lay your eyes on the most amazing beach with large black lava rocks and Hala trees to relax underneath. 

Don’t think that Foxy is all play!  I like to stimulate my mind too!  When you’re going to spend a week on an island it’s a MUST to bring a good book so you don’t become a lazy beach bum, say gnarly all the time, and make hang ten jesters all day….

It’s also important to eat lots of fruit so you skin doesn’t dry up and you continue to glow! 

p.s. you like my hat umbrella?!!!!

Shishhhhh after a hard day of reading, fruit eating, and sun bathing I headed back to the room and relaxed the night away in the Jacuzzi.  

But not before I took a minute to do a little photo whoring 😉

Next stop is Champaign brunch at the St. Regis Resort overlooking Bali high and sunset on their “private” beach, with a little sightseeing in between!!!!



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