Art of the Bahamas

by on August 22, 2012

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I had heard of an art piece by Antonius Roberts called “Welcome” which is a part of his “sacred spaces” movement.  Antonius is a Bahamian artist that creates works of art from trees in an attempt to honor both the culture and the history of the land he creates on.  The “sacred spaces” are viewed with a lot of respect by the Bahamian people.  When I asked people what it was they said I had to go experience it for myself, it’s a holy place.  I was intrigued at what could bring on these strong feelings in people.

I must admit that it was a little hard to find.  Now it shouldn’t be hard to find, it’s right off of Blake Road in a park.  The reason you may miss it if you drive by, like I did a dozen times without seeing it, is that it looks just like trees from a distance.  It not till you get up close that you see you’re in a park of large carvings!!!!!!

It really is a beautiful space and it’s very peaceful.  I can see why people treat it as a place to commune with a higher power.  As I was taking pictures I noticed a path leading off to a lake, so I followed it and I saw this…

 I was thinking to myself, “Why is there a large metal sculpture here?” when I saw just down the way a rock sculpture garden. Ya that’s right, rock art!!! I’ll let you come up with your own interpretation of the pieces. I sure did have fun standing and pondering each one 😉

 After the garden I jumped back in the car and headed down to the straw market on Bay St. 

Really Segway tourists?  Really??!!!!!!  (Insert roll of eyes here) is it that hard to walk? 

Hahahahahaha!!!!   It’s the middle of the day and these girls are dressed like this walking down by Junkanoo beach?!!!  Get it girls… whatever IT may be….

 A quick stop at Parliament for a photo.

 God Save the Queen…

Finally I arrive at Bay St.  The straw market is on the left side here.

Now it used to be that the straw market was open air, with tents all strung together to keep the sun off.  It was hot and crowded and exactly what you would think.  Not anymore!!!!!!  I think a fire burnt it down or something is what it heard, so last year they got a brand new modern building to sell in!!!!!!!!   Wow, you movin’ on up now!!   Lol good for you my friends 😉

As I was walking through the straw market the most amazing art caught my eye. Look at the beautiful color and skill! The artist is named Dion Lewis.

I fell in love with a painting of a Bahamian woman making goods for the market.  To me this woman encompassed so much of what the Bahamians are, she was lovely.  I wanted the painting so much but it was oil on canvas.  Dion assured me that he could roll the painting and it would not crack because of the way he prepared the canvas.  I was very worried about it being ruined and told him I would tell the world about it on my blog if he was wrong lol!!!!!   But Dion didn’t seem worried, he went out of his way to go get me a tube to carry the painting in while traveling home.  Here is my painting being de-framed… two beautiful girls!!!

Dion was so nice that I couldn’t leave without one more piece from him.  I also purchased this smaller painting as a gift for my parents.  This is not one of Dion’s painting but one of his friends who is Haitian. 

I had to rope him in for a picture so people would know who he is.

 If you’re into art and find yourself in Nassau I would recommend you stop by and see Dion.  You can find him most days by isle 8 where his art is being sold.

Just outside the building painting away 🙂

 It was fantastic to meet you Dion and discover your art work.  As you promised the painting made it safely to USA no cracks or any damage!!! 

As you can see the straw market is very close to where the cruise ships dock, so don’t miss it as you run around Nassau!

 For the rest of the day I bummed around the markets…

The next day it was time to leave this lovely island with its friendly people and head back to LA.  These guys are in the airport, this is the traditional Bahamian dress, wild huh?!! 

 Ok on the plane I go, form a world where you couldn’t get people to hurry if you tried to a world where if you take a deep breath you are wasting time, LA here I come…

Thanks for coming with me on my trip to Nassau, Bahamas.  It was a fun trip with all sorts of great experiences like eating fish that are staring at you, climbing into pirate caves, exploring forts, drinking Bahamian beer, partying on beaches, and of course getting a little art and culture. 

Until next time my friends,


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