Baby, DO YOU!

by on August 10, 2011

You ever notice that the most unhappy people are the ones who need others to make them happy?  When all a person has to concentrate on is the person they are dating or the drama with their friends they are always unfulfilled.  If you live everyday waiting for someone else to make you happy you WILL be disappointed!  People don’t and won’t bring you your center in life, you have to be that. 

We all know those people that everyone wants to date because they have “it together” right?  The person that is successful because they do something they are good at, that has a large range of friends or activities that keep them busy, the one we all want to spend time with cause they have something new to say and are enjoying life.  The ones who cling to these people and want to date them or be a part of their life because it makes them feel like they are somebody or that they can have an exciting life by tagging alone are truly missing out on life all together.  Not to mention when Mr. or Misses successful realizes you don’t have a life they are going to RUN the other way cause they don’t have time for your neediness. 

You can never make anyone happy until you are happy yourself.  What if we took all that energy that is used up thinking “do they like me?” “Are they going to leave me?” “what if they find better?” and we put that energy into activities that bring US joy that WE love to do, things that have nothing to do with anyone else but ourselves.  What if we created thoughts like “why would they leave? I’m a blast!”  “Try to find better, not going to happen!”  Think of how more desirable one would be radiating this kind of energy.  The true relationship that we need to work on is our relationship with ourselves.  Do we do the right things for ourselves?  Are we healthy, happy, and entertained? 

Don’t sit and think about who you wish you could be, take one step everyday to become closer to being that person!  Before you know it, you will be the most amazing person you know and Mr. or Misses right will be chasing after you and you may my not even notice right away because you’re having so much fun 😉  None of us are perfect, no is the best their first time and everyone fails at lease once if not a lot more.  Don’t be scared, get out there, and DO YOU!



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