Back from Dallas

by on January 3, 2012

I’m back from Dallas and had an amazinggggggggg New Year’s!!! I hope all you had a wonderful New Year’s too with friends and family and a great resolution that you won’t keep! Hahahahah!!! I never make New Year’s resolutions… that actually was my last resolution and I have kept it very well 😉 why take such a fun holiday and make it a chore???? No thank you! Anyway, so ya, Dallas was so fun, I’ll post all the pics soon. It’s nice to be home, in my own bed, with my lion cat. None of my plants died so that’s a plus!

I do have a rant to go on about planes though. The whole process of flying is ridicules now with the crazy prices, the TSA feel ups, the “extra bag” charge for the ONE bag you check (how is it an extra bag???? It’s your ONLY bag???!!!!!!!!). The whole thing is bad enough but on top of that the cheap SOB’s that don’t want to pay for their bag have these absurdly large carryon bags that will never fit in the overhead compartment and their “personal” item or purse or whatever you want to call the additional suitcase they are bringing on! Literally I watched this Chauncey dude who had a freekin SUITCASE to bring on the plane AND a “man purse” to bring on MORE things without paying AND his stupid neck pillow!!!!!! This clean cut, hip-hop loven, my shirt and shoes have to match, and I wear NECK PILLOWS, MF’er seriously brought two suitcase claiming one was what???….. a freeeking purse! What a broke looser!!!! Seriously, everyone, listen to me! If you do not have $50 to check a bag, then DON’T FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cause I don’t want to be the poor girl sitting in my seat while you pull down your six hundred pound carryon (that you shoved your kid in so you didn’t have to pay for them) and you hit me in the freekin head and all you say is “oops! “ oops????? Hellllllllll nooooooooo! You’re going to get sued one day when you hurt someone and you’ll never be able to afford to fly again you stupid, self-absorbed, penny pinching twit!

Ok I feel a lot better now, thank you 🙂 hehehe!!! You should have seen me at the airport, I made that Chauncey dude squirm as he realized I was clowning on him for like ten minutes. I hope this has made all you think about you bag etiquette at airports. I’m sure this little problem will work its self out as they start to charge for carryon’s too and then people just where the same cloths for a week and airplanes start to smell like a Paris undergrounds…..

This has been a friendly public serves announcement,



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