Beach break

by on April 9, 2011

So I know that I should have been hunting for an apartment and getting a job and doing “responsible” things…. But I could help it!!  I had to run away to the beach for a day or two, I know you can’t blame me!  It was so beautiful, the perfect day for laying out.

So I soaked up the sun all afternoon and then had to pack up my stuff and leave, cause there is one thing about the beach… it always makes you hungry.  Why is that?  Maybe it the salt water in the air, I’m not sure, but I was very hungry and this always happens and that’s not good cause that makes me have this face….

Ahhhhhh very ugly!  Feed her now!!!!  Ok ok so I got food (yummmmm) and then I took a stroll on the beach at sun set.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh

Even the birds came by to see the view!

Then I ended the night with a nice Jacuzzi, which sometimes makes me feel like a boiling chicken. Plus the chlorine in the water is so terrible for your skin.  So if I grow old and have ten million wrinkles I can blame it on the sun and the Jacuzzi cause I CANT STOP!!!!!!

A few hours later I crawled into bed with a ginger cookie and a warm fire.  What a lovely day :)))))))))



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  • James says:

    You look like you are having way too much fun. We are going to have to come down there and you need to show me how to do that! 😀

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