Boulevard3 Night Club – Hollywood

by on October 1, 2012

So far my all-time favorite club in Los Angeles is Boulevard3!  Not only is the staff super nice and respectful but also this is the kind of club you can got to with a group of friends and everyone is going to have fun! They are incredibly creative, changing the entertainment each night to give it a unique flare every time you come. So let’s grab the entourage and get clubbing! 

Yes this is a cab with karaoke!  So you can party all the way to the club.  Hell yeah!

When you first walk in Boulevard3 there is an open courtyard with a bar and personal tables separated by elegant white curtains.  In the center there is a long narrow pool that always has a girl engaging in an activity.  Sometimes the pool is full of bubbles and she dancing or sometimes there is a swing like this:


As you walk inside the music gets louder and the party gets more fun!  Sometimes they are selling chocolate covered strawberries or ordure’s but like the girl in the pool it’s always changing.  My favorite part of Boulevard3 is the dance floor.  There is a large stage that the bar wraps around and all night they have people dancing for your entertainment!!!  It’s like a club AND a show!  The dancers are great, keeping the energy of the crowd up and the party hoppin’!  Here is some video I’ve taken over the few times I’ve been to Boulevard3:


In case that wasn’t enough entertainment for you, the bartenders get in on the show too!!!


And that’s how we party Hollywood style!!!! 



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