Rehab @ the Hard Rock Hotel (guest appearance by Drake)

Perhaps you have heard of the Rehab party at the Hard Rock Hotel?  Trutv made it all the rage with their reality TV show about the drama behind the scenes of the wildest pool party in Vegas!  Pool parties are the brand new hotness in...


Foxy and Yvette do Hollywood

On of the weirdest things about my new place is that I look out over a park and I can always hear random homeless people talking.  It’s a bizarre take on their lives, I hear them debate all sorts of topics and even teach each...


Viva Las Vegas “Rommies going away party” (part 2- this is how we live)

The line leading into Marquee was crazy long… good thing we don’t wait in lines 😉 About two min. later we are in the elevator headed to the eighth floor.  Let the elevator party begin!!!!!! Making our way to our table. First a toast to Yvette’s...


Night out

I’ve been working so much lately that there hasn’t been much time for fun 🙁    However I was able to slip out with the girls for a night on the town and thought I would self glorify for a minute with some photo whoring.  My friends James...


Helpful tip of the day…. 3/2/11

This shot is yummy and super fun to make at parties.  It’s called a B-52 and it consists of Kailua, Baileys, and Granny.   First pour the Kailua, and then pour the Baileys on top.  Use the back side of a spoon handle and touch it to...

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