An open letter to my ex-husband

I would like to share with everyone something unexpected and remarkable that happened to me today.  Today I received a message on my blog from my ex-husband.  To give you guys some background, we were married over 7 years ago and it ended VERY badly. ...


Golden Fox is now a FULL TIME BLOGGER!

Hi friends!!!  I have an announcement to make!  I have quit my 9-5 job and have gone FULL TIME BLOGGER!!!!  That’s right, it’s time to travel the country and the world to tell you all about it!  My dream has always been to travel, see...


What a Man Thinks, He Becomes.

I have been studying the power of positive thinking and creating your own reality. I stumbled upon a move called “The Secret” it’s on Netflix and I highly recommend it! At first I thought to myself, “This is another one of those silly self-help things that...


To Botox or not to Botox?

I’m still having a hard time with this aging thing.  I know that there is no way to stop the hand of time or turn back the clock but there are many ways of slowing it down!  I find myself having day dreams about disappearing...


Thoughts on aging and turning 30

THIS IS IT!  I’m turning 30 in three days…… this is the moment I have been dreading my whole life.   I somehow convinced myself that this day would never come and I would live out my years as a twenty something year old, having fun...


Back from Dallas

I’m back from Dallas and had an amazinggggggggg New Year’s!!! I hope all you had a wonderful New Year’s too with friends and family and a great resolution that you won’t keep! Hahahahah!!! I never make New Year’s resolutions… that actually was my last resolution...

Link to Garden dinner table

Garden dinner table

This is my new dinning room with my indoor garden! I love plants and I find it so relaxing to sit here with a glass of wine and a nice dinner. Ahhhhhhh Click to return to the main page


Foxy the Tycoon ;)

I had so much fun in Vegas for Halloween!!!!!!  I just got back and plugged in my computer.  Whenever I’m in Vegas I’m inspired to become a professional gambler.  Wouldn’t it be great fun?!!!  I could wear floor length gold gowns and sit at the...



I see the changes coming to our country and the world taking place all around us right now.  There are counties all over the world rethinking everything from their government to their monetary system.  Here we have the “occupy” movement that is sweeping our nation...


Does anyone know what this is?!!!!

I was driving down the road and saw this crazy futuristic contraption behind me.  What the heck is this?????  You know I busted out Alpha and started snapping pics!!  The guy was waving and all smiles but I don’t think he is able to open...

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