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Marilyn Monroe Dress

 As you can probably can imagine I get, “You look like Marilyn Monroe” A LOT.  So I thought I would get a Marilyn style dress and take it for a spin around town!  These pictures were taken at The Edison in Los Angeles.  This place...


Art of the Bahamas

Click here for part one, two, and three of Foxy’s Bahamian Adventure! I had heard of an art piece by Antonius Roberts called “Welcome” which is a part of his “sacred spaces” movement.  Antonius is a Bahamian artist that creates works of art from trees...

Link to Happy birthday Foxy!

Happy birthday Foxy!

It’s my birthday and here is what has happened so far… • I got flowers • I worked out cause I have to now 🙁 • I went shopping at the beach • I found undies made just for me!!!!! Hahaha!!!! • I received the...

Link to Meet Charles

Meet Charles

My new suitcase!!!! His name is Charles. That’s right folks, Foxy and Charlie are the new hot ticket 😉 Click link to check out more London Fog suitcases! Click to return to the main page


My new Henri Bendel’s

 I had my first Henri Bendel shopping experience the other day!   Henri Bendel is a designer for fashion hand bags and accessories.  The designs are unique and whimsical and right up my alley!!!!!!  I had a blast shopping with the ladies that work there and...


Foxy’s Golden Locks

If you’re like me then you are one of those girls that are really curious about hair extensions but have no idea where to go, what it will cost, and if it will look/feel good when you’re done.  I had lots of questions and was...


My new camera!!!!

Enter my new Alpha Sony nex-5!!!!  ****Full on with disco fever strap!**** Call her the Alpha female of the group cause she is such dominating a b………eauty!!!!  Not to mention she has talent!!!  Her assets include: Sweep Panorama, 3D Sweep Panorama, Auto High-Dynamic Range shooting,...

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