Definition of a chauncey #1

by on May 4, 2011

CHAUNCEY- My word for guys I hate.

Definition from urbandictionary

“1) a man aged 18-24 who wears pink collared shirts, (with collar up), plaid abercrombie shorts, normally drives an expensive vehicle. Extremely prevelant in the upper north east part of the country. Also, this man seems to always be holding a red solo cup, and be obsessed with the terms Shocker, or Bro. (Word creation credited to Pat)

Chauncey 1: Hey bro (while talking on a nextel 2-way cell phone)…that was sick yesterday bro.
Chauncey 2: (holding a solo cup) bro i know bro. The shocker!!!!
C1: yeeeeaaahhhh” –
Alright it’s time for me to vent about one of my biggest pet peeves EVER in a man (boy).  I hate men who think the whole god damn world revolves around them and that they can “fit you in” when they have time.  All talkin’ about how they a busy man and all.  How they are a model, a DJ, a producer, a club owner…. Blah!  Then come at you wanting to hang out, tryin’ to make plans all day and then last min. they can’t make it.  They have “business” to attend to.  They have to sleep cause they are so tired from all their partying that they have to slow down and take care of them.  And I’m not talking about the dudes out bangin other girls, this is a different breed, this guy is just so self centered he literally doesn’t care about your time.  Like because he is a (insert career that he thinks makes him important) he assumes that girls are just gonna fall in line WAITING to hang out.  Waiting for him to have the time to show us girls any attention at all.  I think some girls really do put up with these self absorbed assholes, but those girls have no life of their own and follow men around like dogs humping there leg.

This is what “that guy” doesn’t realize.  See I’M BUSY you muther f*er!  I’m so busy that when you wanted to hang out I left work early, rearranged my schedule for the night, cancelled a date with a friend, painted my nails, did my hair and makeup, and had a couple of drinks so I was in a good mood.  I did all of this before your ass even got off the couch… cause when you are truly successful you can make anything happen.  Ya I did all my “business”, have my sh*t so organized and planed out that I schedule bathroom breaks.  But noooooo you the big man with so much to do!!!  I could run your business, model for your shoot, DJ at the club and STILL fit in dinner with you bro.  *pathetic*

I know you ladies have all met this guy.  He is usually attractive enough that he thinks that will cover over his disorganized, week minded, lack of follow through self.  But in reality it is the biggest turn off in the world.  We even put up with this behavior for awhile thinking he really might be busy, but then you see this guy is just a waist of your time and not nearly as successful as he pretends to be or maybe he would have the dough to WORK LESS ….shmmmh!

Anyway mister “the man” moral of the story is…. You liked me cause I was the girl who has her sh*t together and has a fun mile a minute take on life.  You can either keep up or you can get out of my way.  Pimpin ant hard playa, you just REALLY REALLY bad at it!!!!!



part #2



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