Definition of a Chauncey Part 2 -Short Money

by on July 26, 2011

I had my friend call me the other day and share a horrible date story with me. As she was telling me (and I was dying laughing) I realized this HAD to be the next example of a Chauncey I wrote about. So without further adieu I give you “Definition of a Chauncey Part 2 -Short Money” (lovingly named after an ex of mine).

The Short Money Chauncey is the guy who never can seem to pay for anything. It’s that guy you go out with that says “lets split the bill” or “I forgot a card” when you pull up to the hotel. You all know this guy, even his friends hate him. He is the guy that makes his friends give him gas money, like you’re so broke you can’t take a friend home? Like that whole $5 is really going to bankrupt you? Man I know times are tough but this guy is not playing! The story that my girlfriend called me with takes the cake for sure though!

This friend of mine is a very attractive, smart, professional young lady. She is at a point in her life where she wants to network and get to know some people who work in similar fields as her. She meet this guy that seemed nice and professional himself, she explained that she wanted to network and he thought that was a great idea so they made plans to go out.

Now at the time my friend is helping her family though some hard financial times. She herself has student loans and such that put financial stress on her. So she did the sensible thing and ate dinner at home and then arranged to meet for a drink. Went she got there he wanted dinner so he ordered and ate. No big deal except the conversation was all about him bring up the differents in their race or asking if “white guys” do that (typical “I have a problem with my skin” Chauncey stuff, but that’s gonna have to wait for another post) he was just being a tool all around. At one point he leaned over and tries to kiss her to which she declined and said she wasn’t interested like that. Finally she was done with the disaster of a night and the bill comes. She gives him her card and says “put my drink on this” then runs to the rest room. When she gets back she goes to sign for the card and he had put the WHOLE bill on her card!!!!! When she got mad he had the nerve to say he didn’t know why she was so upset! The next day this fool was still texting her wanting to know why she stormed off! Why did she storm off?????? Because somewhere along the way you your dumb ass thought it was ok to EAT DINNER, HAVE MULTIBLE DRINKS, AND LET THE GIRL WHO DOESN’T EVEN LIKE YOU PAY FOR IT! What is wrong with men these days?!!!
This is why Foxy has a golden rule, well two actually, to insure I never date short money again (and yes I have dated this Chauncey, my condolences to his current girlfriend/ATM).

One: I don’t hear men with short money. It’s this weird thing it’s like your lack of money makes it so I physically cannot hear the words coming out of your mouth. Every time I have the check in my hand you sound like an adult from charley brown blahblahblah…… NEXT.

Two: Ask yourself one question when trying to holla at me… what have you done for Foxy LATELY? If the answer is nothing, move along son.

These two principals have kept me safe from this looser for awhile. To all my ladies out there, never reach down in your purse for no man…. Cause no MAN would ever let you 😉


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