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We all know that Disneyland is “the happiest place on earth” right?  So where better to go when I wanna be happy?!!!  Now that I live like ten minutes away from Disneyland there is no excuse not to be happy all the time!  As if I was having a hard time being happy 😉   I grabbed “Dragon Hawk” and forced him to come watch me play princes all day and photograph it, he loved it….didn’t you?   Anyway I immediately suck at life because I forgot to take a pic when walking into Disneyland of the grand entrance.  I was too busy jumping up and down and saying “I’m so excited, I’m so excited, IM sooooooooo EXCITED!”  Did I mention I love Disneyland?!!!!!!!!!!

As I walked in I saw My Fair Lady walking down the street, so I knocked all the little kids down and grabbed her for a photo!  Ok ok no I didn’t, it was more like I peeped at her from a distances and Dragon Hawk was like “go talk to her” and I said “I scared” and then I worked up the nerve to slowly sneak up and ask “may I have a picture?”  I get shy!  She gladly submitted to my picture taking 😉  she is sooooo Victorian frilly, I think she may have my outfit for the Victorian fashion show beat 😉  I mean look at that hat!

Main Street was buzzing with people and happy music like out of a cartoon was dancing around my ears. 

This is Esmeralda the fortune teller and that is my devilish smile with creepy hands….be afraid, be very afraid!

Its Pirates of the Caribbean time!!!  This has been my favorite ride since I was little.  I’m kind of obsessed with pirates and have read books on the history of piracy and I hope to be one someday.  You can imagine my excitement when they started making the movies!  I had to do this ride first for sure!

Maybe it’s just treasure I love?  Look at all the gold and jewels!!  Not to mention the cool outfit that skeleton gets to wear.  Wouldn’t it be much better if it was me up there?  Yes I think so and I could say pirate things to all the passersby like “shiver me timbers” and “swab the deck”!

Now I’m having real trouble with Alpha lately.  No it’s not that K-jazz DROPPED her in Vegas and she needs a new case….although that does make her grouchy.  It’s that the pictures she takes are so detailed that in the dark the shutter speed is a LOT slower.  I guess to capture all the nooks and crannies and such.  What that means is that I have to hold very still for about 10 sec when taking a photo in the dark of any moving object or it blurs to hell.  I’m not good at being still (insert grouchy face).  I’m going to have to work on this, but until then you must suffer through blurry pics.  Whatever!  It’s not like you didn’t already notice they were blurry!!!  I’ll get better I swear on the Black Pearl and the soul of Boot Strap Bill!  Arrrrrrrrrrrr

 Blurry pic of bed: 

I’m DEAD set on that being my bed and rolling around in the gold.  Every time I try the Disney policy get very upset… just you wait you mean police, I’m staking out my booty and one day I’ll slip into that bed when you’re not watching and have the time of my life!!  And instead of that sign saying Captains’ Quarters it will say Foxy’s Quarters and there will be rape, pillage, and plundering for all…wait a minute?  That doesn’t sound right.   -_-

 This came out looking cool cause it looks like a ghost ship!

Ok enough of the piracy I’m loosing it.  I had to move on to something that’s creeper than me when I think I’m a pirate…. Haunted mansion!  The hallway when you walk in is spooky because all of the pictures on the wall change from normal looking old-timers into demons! BOOOOOO!

My favorite part of the haunted house I videoed for you!  It’s the elevator that takes you down into the haunted house.  The pictures on the wall grow and there is a skeleton hanging from the ceiling.

After some spooks and thrills (which I LOVE) I felt like going to Fantasy Land and being happy.  I can’t believe they put my castle right in the middle of Disneyland, that’s why I had to move out, I could never get any sleep with the kids screaming and using my moat bridge as a walk way, RUDE!

Tea cups anyone?

I think Dragon Hawk is pondering my acronym of UCLA standing for Ur a Chauncey Looser Actually.  Yes people that’s UR –your hahahahaha!!!!

For that comment I got spun VERY FAST!!!!!!   AHHHHHHH

Time to travel light years into the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got to Space Mountain just as the fireworks were going off.  What great timing!  The first pic is Tinkerbelle flying in the sky over the Matterhorn, how did she get to the Alps? 

Almost time to get on!

Apparently the future is a lot like the past because they brought back the Captain EO 3-D move.  They took out this attraction when Mikey was accused of being a child molester, I guess now that he is dead its ok that he touched children?  Boo Hisssss AH all you MJ lovers out there hate me now don’t you?  Sorry dude the guy was a hot mess!  Maybe he just touched Bubbles.

Dragon Hawk you can’t just sneak in!  Get back here!

Alright MJ it’s time to beat it!

With a friendly farewell from Pinocchio and his…(what are those, barmaids?)  We headed home and lived Happily Ever After.  The End



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