Foxing around the Bahamas

by on June 5, 2012

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To begin our day we drove out toFort Fincastle which has a giant staircase called the “Queen’s Stairs” leading up to it.  The Queens Stairs has 65 steps and is 102 feet tall!  The staircase was built in 1793 as a secure a path to the fort which is on the highest point on the island and was used as look out for pirates!  Usually the path up to the staircase is full of locals selling goods but it happened to be Easter Sunday and well, if you thought Bahamans didn’t like to work normally then you know they weren’t about to be working on a holiday.  So I was able to wonder the sites with little interruptions from anyone.  Most of the people I did see were locals hanging out relaxing on the rocks or on the steps of the fort.  Walking up to the queen’s staircase feels more like a tropical rain forest than a Bahamian island!  Truly one of the prettiest scenes is Nassau I would say.

 They have been selling goods for so long at the foot of these steps that the walls are riddled with nails for hanging items and they have carved shelves right into the rock wall!  The thing that fascinated me the most though was this picture frame.  It seems to be cement, attached directly to the wall, and fairly old.  What on earth was that for?

Or how about the area to the right of the stair case…. at certain times of year this is a waterfall 😉

On the way to the fort I passed some fun wall art and a very large water tower. 

 And finally the fort.

 What a great place for a look out!  You can see the whole island and Paradise Island from here.

“Back down the Queens Stairs I say!”

Next up is Fort Charlotte the biggest fort.  As all the forts on the island this one was never used in war.  It was built by the British using slaves that were brought  from Africa.  Very few Bahamas worked on the forts but the ones that did were tricked into it by being offered money that in the end they were forced to give back as payment for their uniforms.  The work was back breaking and many men died.

Lets storm the fort pirate style!!!!

 Antique graffiti.

 This is where they heated the cannon balls.

 You can still see the marks in the celling from chiseling out the stone, my heart goes out to the men who did this work that were starved and beaten when they didn’t work fast enough.

 Another lizard friend.

 After learning a bit of history I left the fort to walk to the “Fish Fry” it is just down the hill toward the water.  And look!  There is another political rally!  This is the green group.  They have great Reggie playing and are having a good old fashion cook out 😉

 Across the street to the Fish Fry.

 Pause for a photo with the police 😉  I figure this way when I do something naughty and get arrested I’ll have some connections!!!! Lol

 And here we are the best place to eat on Nassau!!

 I took this pic while hollering at the guy that I loved his glasses.  What I didn’t see at the time was the two large bottles of alcohol and the cigar… dang I shoulda kicked it with them for a bit.  Not to mention the dude on the right,   S  E  X  Y !!!!   Ok ok I’m back, sorry, let’s move on.

 This is my recommendation for a great place to eat.  The Anchorage is a nice restaurant with great food and an amazing view right on the water.

Yummmmm coconut water with gin!

 Yes friends, Foxy ate a fish right off its little bones with its eyes staring at me and all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 You see the fangs on this guy?  Killa fish!

 This is guava duff.  It’s bread with guava, rum, and sweet milk….. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   This is the most dangerous desert I have ever eaten.  Sooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!

 Time to walk off the guava duff.

 This is what happens if you eat too much guava duff:

 Hahahahhaaha   ok sorry guys!  But I had to.  I mean what the heck is she doing in that bikini just walking around nowhere near the beach????  And then, what the HECK is she doing in that bikini?!!??!!!!

Back up the hill to the car and on to pirate caves!!!!!!!!!!!!

 On the drive I pass yet another political rally.  These are the yellow guys.

 They were very happy to get their photo taken, waving and shouting. Islanders really are friendly 😉

 Here we are!   These are the caves where pirates would hide there treasure a long time ago!  True story…I think.

 You want me to climb into what?!!???

The tour guide told us to climb up the big rock in the center of the cave. 

 There is an opening in the celling that shines light through and the inside of the cave sparkles.  It was very pretty 🙂

 I think someone just asked me where the booty was….

 Ok lest go deeper in the cave, come on!

 See the holes in the celling?  There are bats in all them and they were swooping down around us!!  I LOVE bats!!!  They are soooo cute 🙂

Hahahaha growl…. My rock climber is coming out.    Extreme!!!!

 Foxy the Pirate Queen 😉


But what is this???  Cabana selling fresh fruit smoothies.  With a bit of rum perhaps?

Now this guy has the life.  He works outside in the fresh air, staring at the ocean, watching stupide tourist like me take silly pics in a sea shell chair, and then he mixes them up a refreshing drink and sends them on their way.  I’m jealous!

These cute kids were getting a smoothie when I walked up.  I started to mess with them “You know this man?”, I asked.  “No ma’am I do not”, the little girl said in the sweetest little proper voice. 

 “You come here for smoothies a lot?” 

 “Yes ma’am we do”.

The children on Nassau are generally very well mannered.  They call elders ma’am and sir, they speak proper English (British like) and the answer your questions but do not speak to you otherwise.  I wish Americans would raise their children with even half the expectation of respect that these children have.

The smoothie makin’ man on the other hand….asked me “why all women love island men?”

“I’ll show you”, he said.

Oh my!!!!!  You naughty boy you!!

 Maybe I shouldn’t be too jealous of him.  Life as a blogger is pretty amazing too 😉  

 Tomorrow is our last day in Nassau and we are going to see some art 🙂  I can’t wait to show you what I brought back with me!!!!

 Foxing around the Bahamas,


For part four click here.

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  • Sarah says:

    It looks like you had such a great time! You make me want to go!

  • Andrew says:

    Aloha Katie!

    I wanted to say thanks again for submitting this article to the Byteful Travel Blog Carnival, and also congratulations! This article has been highlighted in the 14th BT Blog Carnival, which was published today. I especially loved the lagoon and the pictures of the cave. I mean, it’s a CAVE! So cool. Looks like you had an awesome time. Thanks so much for sharing it with the blogcarnival!

    If you could retweet, stumble, or “Like” the blog carnival, I would really appreciate it. It would also help people discover your article, too; especially since your article is one of only 3 that I highlighted.

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