Foxy of the Jungle

by on October 21, 2011

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After my helicopter ride and being so close to huge waterfalls I just had to go find one of my own!  So I found a hike in one of the tourist guides that claimed to have a 300 ft. high waterfall.  “Hanakapi’ai falls is an 8 mile hike into the Hanakapi’ai valley and is for experienced hikers only” says the Kauai traveler magazine.  I’ve never really hiked before so…. Ya I’m in!!!  How bad could it be right????  I ambitiously hurried off to find my waterfall and by the looks of the trail when I started this was going to be a piece of cake!  Photo op at a 300 ft. waterfall hear I come!!!!!

After about 45 min I got to a lookout point where I could see the beach that I had started the hike at.  It’s a little humid and the trail is kind of steep but I totally can do this hike!

I don’t know if I’m pretending to be Italian and getting ready to smack someone or if I’m just hot…. Could be either.

After about an hour and a half I arrived at the hidden beach.  There is shade and cold water to play in and I was so excited to see my waterfall.

I’m sure my waterfall is around here some place if I just look… 300 ft. is pretty big… I don’t see…  I don’t think its… wait a minute.  The sign say the waterfall is 2 miles that way, into the jungle!!!!!

Ok no problem I can go another two miles.  The trail doesn’t look that bad, let’s go!!!!!

It started to get really slippery and wet.  Once you step in the mud your shoes are so slippery that you slide of any rocks you try and climb, this is getting harder. 

I stopped taking a lot of photos because there was no longer a path.  The trail was marked by ties in the trees and you end up crossing rivers, climbing through river beds, scaling mountains, climbing rocks and trees, it was nuts!!!!  I was so sweaty and hot and in the middle of the jungle that I think I turned into Jane of the jungle!  I started making Tarzan cries and eating wild animals! 

Finally after 3 hours of hiking I made it to Hanakapi’ai falls and boy did I know I was there!   The sound alone echoed for a half a mile.  This was absolutely worth the work.  I can say that I have never seen anything so beautiful and powerful in my life.  The sound of the water bashing into the pool was almost deafening. 

Hahahaha I look a little scared.  I was!!  It was so much bigger than I could have imagined.  It was one of those moments where I wanted to touch something so bad but I knew I couldn’t cause I would probably die trying, kind of like the time I hung out at a friend’s house who kept an alligator in the living room… but that’s a foxy story for another time (miss you “silver wolf”;). 

Now this is the photo op of a life time so yes I photo whore for the rest of this post but damn they are cool photos 😉

This experience would not be compete without at least one mermaid on a rock photo right?!!???  Peter Pan is going to come see me any moment I know it….

Too bad I have feet and not a tail 🙁  here is me being cute…

 Here is really what I look like most of the time! Hahahahah!!!!   I was totally stuck on that rock.  It was harder to get up there than it looks ok!  I would make a great zombie mermaid for Halloween.  Hmmmmmm

With my photo shoot at Hanakapi’ai falls complete I started the 4 mile 3 hour hike back.  I twisted my knee, scrapped up my legs and hadn’t brought any food.  Six hours after I started my cute little walk to a waterfall I emerged from the jungle a survival expert and a sweaty, smelly, starving mess!!!

No time to feel sorry, I have a luau to be at in two hours!  Quick shower and change and to the luau I go!  Next post I take you with me where they roast a pig in the ground and all!!!!!



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