Foxy & the Acrobats

by on September 6, 2011

My new friend Bishoy offered to show me around Santa Monica and meet a few of the people he knows.  Gotta tell ya, life Bishoy style is defiantly a unique experience!  First stop on my guided tour was the ORIGINAL muscle beach.  It’s on the south side of the Santa Monica pier and is a gym of sorts built right into the sand. At first I thought ‘ya ok this is gonna be another gym on a beach with guys pumping iron…..yawn’ but I was very wrong!  This was like going behind the scene at a circus and getting to watch them practice!  All sorts of the performers you see on the sidewalks and at the pier were here perfecting their skills.


Bishoy saw his friend David who has quite the body himself and they gave the crowd a photo whoring moment 😉

Bye David!  Nice to meet you!  I think he is reaching out to me so I won’t go 😉

Tightrope walkers and guys swinging from rings….this is really isn’t something you see everyday, unless you live in Santa Monica I guess!

This guy is Bruno and he is like “ring dude” pro. He flies through the air twirling and twisting with ease.  Bravo Bruno!

This little boy stole the show by far!  His dad would balance him on his hands the flip him around all over the place.  The whole time the young boy stood very straight and still and never threw off his dads balance.  Not to mention he never looked scared.  If that were little Foxy I would have been balling my eyes out!!!

The rest of my adventures in Santa Monica to the pier and  Shangri la Hotel and are to be continued….

Here are some random pics of the beach that I just couldn’t help but throw in because its so beautiful!



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