Foxy’s Golden Locks

by on June 8, 2011

If you’re like me then you are one of those girls that are really curious about hair extensions but have no idea where to go, what it will cost, and if it will look/feel good when you’re done.  I had lots of questions and was very apprehensive of doing anything to my already fabulous hair!  But I have to say ladies, I truly love my extensions and the woman that did them for me!  I thought I would share with you curious girls a play by play of the whole ordeal so you know exactly what to expect.  Here is the story of Foxy’s Golden Locks and how I came to meet Josette at California Hair Extensions

Usually when I get dressed up I wear 20 in clip in hair extensions.  The past few weeks I’ve been playing with the idea of getting hair extensions put in so that I can have my fun flowing locks all the time.  I am all kinds of picky about my hair so this is not a decision I made lightly.  I cut and color my own hair normally and have not let anyone else touch it in about 7 years.  If I was going it get any extensions put in they would have to be damn near invisible and match my hair texture and color flawlessly.  My roommate suggested that I go see the girl that does her hair.  I really like they way roomies hair was done and thought it looked very natural, so I agreed to pay a visit to her hair dresser.

When i first called California Hair Extensions they were polite and helpful.  The girl who answered the phone asked what services I was interested in and set up an appointment for a consultation within 48 hours.  When I went to the consultation Josette was great!  She has a warm, friendly demeanor that put me at ease and calmed my nervousness about the whole ordeal.  She explained that she would use a Fusion Extension method and demoed a piece in my hair so I could see how it worked and we could make sure the hair matched nicely.  I am a platinum blonde so Josette chose three different tones of light blonde to insure dimension.  She asked how long I wanted to go and we settled on 20 inch extensions that would reach to my lower back.  The consultation took about 30 minutes and she was able to schedule my appointment to get the extensions put in just two days later!!!  Now that’s some fast hair!  I asked Josette if she would mind me bringing a photographer and documenting the experience to share on my blog and she was more than happy to oblige 🙂

The day of my appointment I showed up ready to transform into a blonde bombshell!!!  Here is a pic of Josette’s store front and my hair pre 20 inch extensions….

You know I can’t go anywhere without bringing the party right????  Wine, cheese, crackers, fruit, mimosas, let the celebration begin!!

First she shampooed my hair so it was squeaky clean.

Then she set me under the dryer.  Sorry I could not resist doing a little 50’s hair salon pin up with this pic 😉

Then it was time to get started!  She carefully applied the extensions row per row.  There is glue at the top of the hair that is warmed with a flat iron and bound to a small chuck of my hair.  Josette took great care to cut the hair into thin strips so that they blended nicely versus having big chucks of glue in my hair. 

We took a quick break at this point, the back is almost done.

All this hair starting making me feel quit fancy and I couldn’t help dancing around a little and playing with it…

I even found out it made a good whip!!!

Ok ok ok back to business, here is a close up of what it looks like. 

We are getting closer to being done!

I’m very amazed by all this hair, I’m a different person!  I looked scared of myself!  Hahahahaha!!!!

Then Josette layered the hair to blend with my natural length and frame my face.

And finally the style!!  She used a low heat to set the curls.

Drum roll please……..


And there you have it!  Amazing, natural looking hair!  I’m soooooooo happy with the way it turned out.  The feel of it is not as bad as I thought it would be either.  They basically feel like you have little dreadlocks in your hair.  But it’s easy to wash and stays clean.  You get a special brush that has multi layered bristles so that you can bush through your hair without pulling any extensions out.  There are rules that come with your hair, like no oil, special shampoo and conditioners, and very little heat.  However I really like the shampoo and I’m so happy with the volume and texture of the hair that I let it dry naturally on a daily basis (something I could NEVER have done with my real hair).  I have to go back for checkups every four weeks or so to get the hair “cleaned up” and make sure it’s staying in well, so I’ll let you know how that goes. 

I was most worried about it showing when it was wet, but look!  You can’t even tell there are extensions when it’s wet.

If you live around the Southern California area and are looking for flawless hair extensions and a supper fun girl to spend some time with then you just have to go see Josette!  She is an absolute artist at what she does and worth every penny!  All the pricing is going to very based off your hair type and what type of extensions you have, so just drop in and see my girl Josette at California Hair Extensions, she will let you know all the cost up front. 

Thanks girl for making Foxy even foxier!!!!

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