Queen Mary’s Haunted Harbor

by on November 3, 2011

I wait every year for Halloween, it’s my favorite time of year!!!!  I LOVE being scared and dressing up and just the fact that everyone lets go a little and gets their freak on!  I heard that down in Long Beach there is a haunted house thing at the Queen Mary.  The Queen Mary is an old cruise ship that was the top of her class in the day.  They say that the ship is now haunted do to a few people dying on board and an incident where the ship “ran over” a smaller navy ship and killed most of the people on board.  Supposedly they transform the whole harbor into a spooky party.  Well I just had to go check this out!!!! 

Sure enough I was not disappointed.  This is probably the coolest Halloween activity I have ever done!  The harbor has 5 haunted “houses” three of which are INSIDE the ship!!!  As you walk in you are funneled into large cargo freights that serve as tunnels to the harbor.  There are fog machines everywhere so at times you can’t see more than a foot in front of you and then you realize….. there are zombie sailors in here with you!!!!!  They start chasing the people down the tunnels into and open area where people are screaming and running toward the light.  Cause after you get out of the tunnels the zombies with stop right? WRONG!!!  These zombies can go where ever they want and the scare you the WHOLE time you are in the harbor!!!!!  Now that’s a fun time! 

This zombie was being asked for the restrooms…..

His answer was “I DON’T KNOW” as he pointed to this…

Hahahahah  gotta love a dead guy with a since of humor! 

 The haunted houses were amazing!  This one is an old house and you run around inside and outside the house, through the garden and everything.  The monsters are so well hidden that they jump out of places you would never suspect.


Everywhere you turn there are scary ghouls interacting with the crowd and you can hear the sound of the live band playing some death metal.  A little something to jump around to if you wanna hangout in the bar area (that’s right full bars too).  But don’t think your safe, the monsters are there too, sometimes standing in line next to you so you have to pick- drink or run?  And just look at the monstrosity of a center piece they created!



I was so excited to do the mazes on the ship!  I wish I could have taken more pictures to show you but they all came out blurry because I was running!!!!   Lol!


The Queen Mary really is a beautiful ship I can only imagine how much fun she would have been to cruise on.  This is the pool that supposedly some child had drowned in.



Me having a frightfully good time!


Hahahahah!!!!   I love pictures with monsters… why does everyone run from them, they are very polite most of the time.

I was sad to leave at the end of the night, but wait!  You have to go out the way you came in and that means cargo tunnels and monsters!!!!!   Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My hats off to the people who put together haunted harbor.  Absolutely the best performance I have ever seen!  I will soooooooo be back next year captain!



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