How to make Christmas cookies Foxy style

by on December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas Foxy friends!!!  In the spirit of the season Ally and I made Christmas cookies for our friends and family.  I have never made Christmas cookies before so Ally helped me pick out cookie cutters, make the colors of frosting and most importantly made sure we didn’t burn them all!  We put on our best Christmas aprons and holiday dresses and got to work, because every good girl cooks in in heals and a dress right?!  Lol  

Step one- Pour yourself a nice glass of wine because this is going to take all day!

Step two- Prepare the cook sheets and warm the oven.

Step three- Prepare the dough, flour the counter and grab the rolling pin…. Opps I don’t own a rolling pin… ok a glass bottle will do.

Step four- Cut the cookies with your cute holiday cookie cutters.  We had snow men, stockings, stars, bells, candy canes, and ginger bread men.

Step five- After the cookies bake and cool unleash your inner artist and frost away!!  We added food coloring to white frosting, put it in a zip lock bag and cut a tinny hole at one end.  No fancy tools need!

Cookie madness!!!!


Check out our expert cookie art skills.

Christmas cookie of Ally.

Christmas cookie of Foxy (why is this picture so small???)

Step six- Let the frosting dry overnight and box them up for your loved ones.

Step seven-  Take off those heals girl!!!  You know your feet are tired!!

And that is how you make some fantastic tasting Christmas treats! Maybe next year we will candy some apples or make fruit cake that no one will want to eat… lol!!!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night,

Foxy and Ally (the Christmas cookie cuties)

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