A Jolly Trolley Ride

by on December 16, 2011

I took a few days to drive up to San Fran and meet up with my good friend from Minneapolis.  I think San Francisco must be one of the cutest cities I have ever seen!  The town looks like something from Disneyland, the streets are clean, and even the cops are gay and nice!!!!  It’s a true bustling city with an underground that the locals take to and from work, districts for all kinds of cultures (which also means you can get all kinds of food 🙂 ) art, coffee shops – with local rival coffee company’s, plays, music, the bay, the golden gate bridge, Alcatraz, and much much more….Like their famous trolleys!!! 

We started our day with breakfast at Sear’s down the street from our hotel in Union Square.  A mom and pop style dinner with eggs and pancakes and I hot cup of joe.  The weather is almost always chilly in San Fran and this time of year it’s downright cold.  People were all bundled up in their best coats and scarves and Sears was a very cozy place to wake up.  After breakfast we hopped on a trolley and made our way to the bay. 



 Seriously the cutest town ever right?!!!!


I couldn’t resist asking to ring the bell to stop the trolley!  The guy was so nice to let me and said I should stand in the back because it’s a better ride.   PS.  see my purse,  thats Eddy, he is beautifulllllllll right?


 Yes I did do the princess wave most of the way, yes people waved back, it was pretty much the most fun ride ever!

 I was playing around till everyone had left and the driver came to kicked me off.  I always get kicked off of public transportation for having too much fun!  I told him it was MY TROLLY and he can’t kick me off.  My friend the bell ringer guy thought that was great…. the driver did not.  So I scattered off.

 Bye trolley!!!!

 We walked a few blocks to Fisherman’s Wharf where the tours to Alcatraz take off.

 Cute little pastry shop we passed on the way.


 Here we go!  Time to jump on a boat and storm the prison!











 This bird appears very angelic flying right above the boat the whole time.


 He ruined his angelicness when he spotted the left overs of a sandwich and dived down to scarf it up whole.  Shame, shame, Gluttony is a sin.

 There it is “The Rock”




 Turns out that in 1968- 1971 Native Americans clamed this island as their own and occupied it for a few years as retribution for the land stolen from them.  I’m sorry they gave it up, would be way cooler if it was and native compound now.

 Why is there a door to know where?  This place really is kind of creepy.







 I think Alcatraz would be a lovely place for a summer home.  I mean look at the view!  Someone should buy the island and build a resort, it would be a hit!  Alcatraz bed and breakfast maybe? 








 Next up:  a look inside the prison and Foxy gets thrown in “The Hole”!

Coming to you from Alcatraz under high supervision….

Foxy –  inmate #000249


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