K-jazz’s goodbye

by on July 28, 2011

It’s with a sad heart that I announce to you that K-jazz is moving back to Vegas 🙁  It’s been a wild ride since we got here and for her it’s just not home.  I can see her point, California can be a lonely place.  It feels like the moment I got here I jumped on a rollercoaster that is going a million miles an hour!  It’s a very fast paced life filled with hours of waiting in traffic everyday and people who are busy and a little closed off.  It’s hard to make friends when people have very little time and so many people move into and then out of the area.  I think people build up their supportive circles and are reluctant to let others in.  The days really do go by faster out here, you sit in traffic for an hour or two every day.  It doesn’t matter where you’re going or what time of day it is.  At work it’s always busy and there are always lots of people.  You go to the store and there are people so you have to wait in line, you get home and you’re tired but you still have to make dinner.  Gas cost a fortune and the taxes are high on everything you buy so people don’t go out as much as they would like. 

With all that being said though I still really enjoy it here.  I understand why K-jazz wants to go home but for me this is an adventure.  It’s a test of my organizational and budgeting skills for one.  You have to time out your day to stay out of the worst traffic (it turns an half an hour drive into a two hour one…no joke).  I have to figure out what the free fun things are to do and when happy hours are and get to know people even if they are a little closed off.  For my part, I will not leave this place until I can call it home.  LA and OC will not conquer me!!!  This is a big crazy game out here, with lots of people looking to win and to me that is half the fun!  However every one of us has a different path and we are wise to follow it.  So I fully support K-jazz in this move because she can feel that it’s going to put her on her right path.  She wrote a farewell letter explaining her choice for you all…

“So after the big going away party and all the convincing myself that California was the right place for me, I have made the decision to move back to Vegas… LOL!! It’s amazing what you can learn in four months when it is thrown in your face and you have to pay attention to it. To be honest, I really did think that I needed to be in California to be happy. I made myself believe that it was what I needed to pursue my dreams and achieve my goals. I really thought that the grass would be greener out here because I have the childhood memories and connections. What I have come to realize and accept is that the grass isn’t greener on the other side. The grass is the same on both sides; it just depends on how you take care of it where you are. I have a tendency to have an immense amount of ideas and goals go through this mind of mine. I get caught up in trying to do everything that I think of, never achieving one thing because I think that I can do it all. This move has made me accept that I can’t do everything all at once and that I need to focus on one thing at a time. With that said, Being in California really made me take a hard, long, and startling look at myself, and face all the fears, hesitations, and ideas head on. Now that I have done this and stopped the process of “trying to do all”, I’m at a much happier place 🙂 I have my one project that I am working on, which is going to be fantastic when finish, and I know where I want to be. It feels amazing!! So now that I have something’s figured out… it’s back to Las Vegas… let the new solidified direction/fun times begin!!”

Really this move is a great thing!  Now I don’t have to worry about a place to stay when I go to Vegas 😉  I wish K-jazz all the happiness in the world!  Can’t wait to see here in Vegas soon!

With much love Roomie 🙂



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