Marilyn Monroe Dress

by on September 19, 2012

 As you can probably can imagine I get, “You look like Marilyn Monroe” A LOT.  So I thought I would get a Marilyn style dress and take it for a spin around town!  These pictures were taken at The Edison in Los Angeles.  This place is probably my favorite so far in LA!  It is a restaurant/club themed like an old time western saloon.  It feels like you just walked into that Wild Wild West movie with Will Smith!  Unfortunately it is so dark inside that none of my pictures of the venue came out.  But no worries!  I’ll make sure I head back there this winter to get some great pictures and do a post all about it! 

The dress by Venus.  Necklace by Swarovski

During the night Edison puts on a live flapper show!   You are strictly forbidden to photograph the show but I snuck behind a poll and got a little snip before the bouncer came up and kindly asked me to stop…. Sorry dude!!


The dancers were so sweet and gladly took pictures with fans after the show! 

The Marilyn Monroe dress was a big hit!  Who knows maybe I’ll do my hair short and wear it out on Hollywood Blvd. to pose for pictures with tourists.  Not the worst plan in the world if my full time blogging isn’t paying the bills…. Lol!!! 

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