Mid Summer Night’s Dream

by on August 3, 2011

Every year the Fullerton Arboretum has a gala event called a Midsummer Night in the Garden.  Just as it sounds, it’s a fun garden dinner party with an auction for the arboretum.  My family has attended this event for years with my grandparents.  As my grandmother is getting along in life it has become a lot of work for her to organize the family and make the arrangements as she once did.  I had such a wonderful time at the Victorian fashion show and saw how much the arboretum meant to her that I surly had to keep the tradition going and show my support!  So I called up the family and they all agreed it was time to get our gala on!  I presented g’ma with an invitation to be OUR guest this year, she was elated!  This is a very dressy event with a live band and lots of dancing, so the perfect opportunity for me to wear a true dancing dress 😉

And yes I had to twirl!  I’m a big twirler, especially in the right dress.  Once when I was little I fell into a rose bush and had thorns imbedded in my side that had to be pulled out one at a time with tweezers.  When asked how I fell in the rose bush (that had been there since I was born and I should have been well aware of) I blurted out “I was TWIRLING!!! :(”   Hahaha  I guess some things never change.  I did learn twirling safety…..

Who would have thought that they would make sure a perfect color orchid to match my dress and Hank (my Henri Bendel clutch)?!!!  These are real orchids found the morning of the party 🙂

Hank’s debut!!!!  People stopped me to tell me how lovely my clutch was… ekkkkkkk I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Alright, time to get the show on the road!  Me being ushered to the party, please people no photos.   Oh wait I was taking it myself   Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!

There is a silent auction before the garden party starts.  Everyone walks around and looks at the wonderful items and writes down their bid while drinking champagne and mingling.

Then they ring a bell that closes the silent auction.  Which of course means the party can begin!!!!  Everyone strolls over to the garden for a little music, dinner and dancing.

Foxy cuttin a rug!

There’s a fox in the garden!  I was caught mingling with some of the couples I had met at the Victorian fashion show.

I little later in the night one of the event organizers came to me and asked if I would like to help with the live auction piece.  She asked me to go around to the tables and show them the descriptions of the auction items and answer questions.  I was glad to help and started to make my rounds through the tables.  Just as I was having great fun talking with people the lady reappeared and said that time was getting away from them and they had to start the live auction immediately.  And that’s how I was laid off of my first charity job 🙁  I knew times were tough but a 10 min job… wow.

I had to suck it up because the live auction started, where you get to raise the card and bid, supper fun!   Then back to dancing the night away…. and that we did! 

 I hope you enjoyed the story, till next year…

may all you summer night dreams come true.



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