Movin’ On UP!

by on March 13, 2012

Ok Foxy friends!  So about one year ago I move to Orange County to live the Gold Coast life and share it with the world.  It has been a blast so far and I just now feel like I’m starting to settle in.  I do find myself up in Hollywood a lot and enjoying the people and activities in the area, so once again my friends, Foxy is on the move!!!!  It’s time for Hollywood….. 

I’m starting to hunt for a place to stay up in the LA area so I can take you all around to explore the sites!  This is going to be so fun, I’m really excited!  Here are some pic’s of places I’m looking at to live the dream…..

I could live in a place with a sexy lounge like rooftop…

  Or live like a princess in a regal like castle…

Or how about a loft in down town LA in one of the old warehouse buildings…. how city slicker!

This is the rooftop of Hollywood Towers!!!!   Crazy fun right?!?!?!?  AHHHHHHH  this place is like a fairy tail!

Great places to choose from!!!  Which one do you guys like best?  I can’t wait to make the move.  Of course you know that Foxy is not about to move all her heavy stuff all by herself right???  I’m going to need a California Moving Company with those big strong guys to come help.  I’ll sit and watch as they get all sweaty lifting my boxes while I kick back with a mimosa and enjoy the view….. lol!  Think they will charge extra for that?!!!  

Alright that’s your update.  TINSEL TOWN HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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