M’s B-Day BASH @ Tru Hollywood

by on March 20, 2012

The other day I went to check out a club called Tru Hollywood.  I was invited on a night when fashion designer M was having his big birthday bash!!!!  He had a great group of people with him for the night, everyone was friendly, fun, and beautiful 😉  The club is set up as one big room with the dance floor in the middle and the VIP tables around the edges.  If you go downstairs there is another bar and a red carpet photo opp too!  And you know I just had to go play on the red carpet!

Sweetest girls ever!!!!  See the Hous of M LOGO?  That’s M 🙂  I had to steal this photo from M’s facebook page cause it was too cute!

 Look at my shoes… aren’t they amazing?!!!  LOVE

 I think this is our dangerous look….

 Fabulous Marq!

 The girl on the pole was so strong!  She was holding these positions like it was nothing, moving in slow motion and all.  Bravo girl!

 M’s table was done up with pink and white balloons and pink elephants.  Cuteness!!!  The glass window above is the smoking area.  It’s like they put them in a cage for everyone to stare at!  Lol 

 Dancers on the bar.  Shake it, shake, shake it!!!!

 Here is M receiving his elephant birthday cake.  Absolutely adorable!

 He looks like he is having a blast! 

I got a chance to say Hi and introduce myself and M is (as everyone had been telling me all night) such a warm and friendly person.  It’s not what I would have expected a fashion designer to be like.  But I guess that’s why everyone around him was genuinely good people.  You attract what you are 🙂   it was a pleasure to meet you M and hope your birthday was fantastic!!! 

I know the rest of us had a blast, didnt we Moe?!!!!

These guys!!!!!   Hhahahahahahaahah  Hesham don’t eat my face!!!!!!!!

Another fun Hollywood night 🙂

Love Red carpet rocker,


For more on M check out his website

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