My new Henri Bendel’s

by on August 2, 2011

 I had my first Henri Bendel shopping experience the other day!   Henri Bendel is a designer for fashion hand bags and accessories.  The designs are unique and whimsical and right up my alley!!!!!!  I had a blast shopping with the ladies that work there and left with a few new goodies.  I filmed a video so you all can see my excitement, followed by a photo whoring extravaganza.   I’m new at this video thing so sorry it’s so dark and sorry I say “soooo cute” like 500 times, but I’m really excited ok!!!

I named the little guy Hank…get it 😉

UPDATE:  Much to my dismay my beautiful purse didn’t fit all my blogger needs.  Alpha wouldn’t fit inside no matter how hard I tried.  After throwing a fit and falling in it, I dragged myself back in the store and told them I had to exchange it.  They pried the purse from my death grip and very kindly pointed me in the direction of a few styles that would hold all my daily adventure needs.  I ended up leaving with the other purse I had been looking at and I love it VERY much!!!!!  So no harm done 😉 meet Henri….

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