New Years 2012

by on February 2, 2012

For New Years I took off to Dallas with Mr. X for the weekend (who still refuses to be is my blog 🙁  but no I wasn’t the only one without a date!!!  Hahahahaah)  We ringed in the New Year with good friends at the NYLO hotel and danced till our feet were sore at NYLO club.  I love this hotel for their loft style modern room’s look at how hip they are… 

The shower feels like you in the rain 🙂

When I woke up New Year’s Eve morning I could see the party being set up.  FUN FUN FUN!

I bummed around the city for the day.  Dallas really is a nice city, probably my favorite in Texas.  The thing that surprised me the most is that the mall was packed and the stores (even mom and pop ones) had hiring signs.  I don’t know how things are where you live but in Cali it was one of the worst holiday seasons ever.  People were not spending as much and lots of people are out of work.  I asked our friends how things were going out there and they said business and the economy is good.  Looks like Texas really is doing as well as Perry claims 😉

As the sun set and the party was starting we met up with our friends and headed down to bid farewell to 2011.

The club.

The ladies.

The boys… well some of them. How come some people are shy to be on my blog? You go out in public don’t you?!!?!?!?!?! It’s basically the same thing; I just get to write a commentary about you :)~

 And yes he was an Abercrombie model in case you were wondering. Lol!

 Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The lovely couples….

And what am I doing?  Who knows…. running around being crazy!

 The guys are having WAY too much fun!

HAHAHAHAHAHHA EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I break for hotness.

 The DJ left to take a break, so we took it upon ourselves to take over the DJ booth.  We are trying franticly to figure out how to work this thing…..

 Then we got busted!!!!  The DJ wasn’t too mad though, he started taking pic’s.  Sexy DJ’S coming to a town near you!

 Then we attacked a cop and started taking pic’s with him…. Seemed like the thing to do.  He was happy to oblige. I’m not sure who the girl is with her leg up, but those are some amazing shoes!  Rock it girl!


This guy was calling me a mermaid all night.  Lol!  If he only know about the pic’s from Kauai!

 This is usually how my bed ends up on New Year’s…. Doesn’t yours? 😉

 LOVE THESE GIRLS!   Seriously the most fun New Year’s ever because Texas peeps know how to party 🙂


Happy New Year’s friends!  I hope your 2012 is off to a wonderful start!



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