Link to Meet Charles

Meet Charles

My new suitcase!!!! His name is Charles. That’s right folks, Foxy and Charlie are the new hot ticket 😉 Click link to check out more London Fog suitcases! Click to return to the main page

Link to Garden dinner table

Garden dinner table

This is my new dinning room with my indoor garden! I love plants and I find it so relaxing to sit here with a glass of wine and a nice dinner. Ahhhhhhh Click to return to the main page


San Francisco

The next day, after visiting Alcatraz, I took a walk around the streets of San Francisco to enjoy the sights.  I always like to stay at different hotels when I’m there because they are always so unique and fun!  This time I stayed at an...


Alcatraz Prison

Alcatraz is located off the shore of San Francisco in California.  It used to be a maximum security prison that housed some famous inmates.  Now you can take tours on a boat across the bay and check it all out for yourself!  The tour begins...


A Jolly Trolley Ride

I took a few days to drive up to San Fran and meet up with my good friend from Minneapolis.  I think San Francisco must be one of the cutest cities I have ever seen!  The town looks like something from Disneyland, the streets are...


Something Wicked this way comes

As December kicks off I can’t think of a better activity than going to see a play.  I LOVE plays, the extreme dramatization, the spontaneous choreographed dancing, the glitter and the lights!   As far as plays go everyone out here is talking about Wicked.  The...


Sinners Ball

What did you say? It’s December and I’m still posting about Halloween?!!!  Halloween lasts until I say it’s over!!!!!!  Hahahahaah  plus I’ve been super busy with all the other FUN THINGS I’m planning for this month 🙂  so let me have my Halloween just a little...


South Point Casino’s Halloween Party

UPDATE:   Apparently Google ads found K-jazz’s Halloween costume inappropriate for their ads and demanded that I take them down 🙁 Google your sooooo uptight!   Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  This time of year is always crazy busy with my REAL job and all so I’m sorry...


Universal Studios Fright Night

To see Universal Studios durring the day click here After dinner I reentered Universal Studios once their transformation into Fright Night was complete.  As I walked in with the hundreds of other people we were greeted by zombie dancers in cages and monsters of all...


Universal Studios

Welcome to my adventure at Universal Studios!  I really like this park and hadn’t been in years.  I heard that they have a “fright night” where the whole park is transformed with ghouls and goblins to make your skin crawl and in case you haven’t...

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