Victorian Fashion Show- part 2

by on June 29, 2011

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Now the rest of the fashion show consisted of replicas of Victorian fashion presented in a timeline with a brief history of each style.  I must say that the presentation was very well put together and so informative!  The dresses were so detailed and well made that I have to give the seamstress a big floppy hats off!  I have a few of my favorites up for you to see.

This lovely man stole my heart and the show!  I vowed to meet him after at get a picture.


 At the end my grandmother got up to say a few words.  Mr. Bridgford, a long time friend of my grandmothers, escorted her to the podium.  She gave a short speech where she quoted Michel de Montaigne- “all peculiar and out of the way fashions come from folly and ambitious affections rather than from true reasoning, we should wholly follow fashion outwardly anyway!”  She then went on to say that today we are the judges of this wisdom and we all know Victorian fashion has its share of follies, but we love it anyway!” 

 I will leave you as my grandmother left the crowd (and by this point you could hear a pin drop)….. “I have one last thing to say, life is a cabaret my friends, ENJOY!”



Ps. I finally tracked my man down and got that pic 😉

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