“People are strange when you’re a stranger….”

by on October 12, 2011

As I set here in my robe and batman socks I’m reminded of what a geek I am…. and really how strange people are.  We all coexist here and interact with each other yet the interactions are so unique and sometimes very odd all together.  For example, every day I have certain routines that I execute like where I go to get my coffee.  No one at the coffee shop knows my name or anything about me yet I see these people all the time.  No personal connection, no one stops and really SEES each other we just briefly pass each other and mildly acknowledge each other’s existence. 

Or what about the people we try to get to know.  In Cali that has been an experience.  First of all NO ONE has “the time” it’s like everyone’s favorite saying out here.  Truly there is less time when you drive forever to get any place and people are all spread out.  Also people try to balance a lot at once.  Two jobs to pay for school, or going to school while working two jobs, or a day job with your entrepreneurial activity.  All these things do cut into your time but what is your life if you don’t take the time to know you have it. Even worse so many people I have met here are so self-absorbed they don’t care to be around other people unless you can mold to their schedule and their life.  Everyone is so focused on who they are going to be but when they finally are there will they then enjoy themselves?   There is something to be said for enjoying the journey.  Life is a journey and what if you don’t stop to get to know the people that could make a huge differents in it?

I understand busy, I’m busy too.  I work a full time job that pays the bills, have an elderly grandmother that I try to help out, have relationships in my life that I want to nurture and I try to write a fairly entertaining blog about all the cool stuff I do “in between”.  I got caught up in this “too busy” speak for a while myself.  I had people tell me that you’re not a real blogger unless you post daily or every other.  I stressed myself out trying to write blogs every few days while working and on my days off do something cool to blog about.  Screw laundry and dinner with friends and sleep and my cat and breathing.  But I’m done with it!!!!

I hereby make a resolution.  I will never forget that this is my one life in this body on this earth.  I will treat every day like the gift it is and ENJOY it.  i will call my friends I moved away from that I miss so dearly, I will sleep so I’m my best when I’m awake, I will take time to get to know real people, I will blog about my life as its comes and hope you all enjoy it even if its spread out.  I will do what I came here to do…. Coexist with all of you and stop to see you, know you, and care.  I hope that I can affect others I meet and encourage them to do the same.  Enjoy your life, take time for you, BE the happiness you seek in life.



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