Pool Party Weekend (Day 3 Rehab)

by on July 14, 2011

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Sunday I woke up ready for a little Rehab!  I loved this party last month when I went so I was really excited to go again.  So great that we could just look out our window and see when it was getting busy!  Sky Vodka should really hirer me to do a commercial…. Hahahahahah  Where’s my money?!!!

Here is a pic of where my room was, right there on the third floor, sweet huh? 🙂  My favorite part of Vegas is that you can run around and meet people from all over the country.  So off we went to go make new friends!

These guys were from London and really liked rubbing sunscreen all over each other!  I’m not sure what was going on but as soon as we got the camera out they went crazy rubbing each other!!! Hahahahahah crazy Brits!

There were so many beautiful ladies, this is one that we thought looked just gorgeous in her suit.

Have to give a quick shout out to the girl who rocked this thong.  Looking great girl…. GET IT!

You can play poker while in the pool!  How fun is that?  To bad I’m no good at poker 🙁   I get a grin everytime I’m delt good cards….your not supposed to do that I hear.

We meet some more new friends, these guys are from LA.  They put this visor on me and I’m not sure what happen I just turned into stuntin Chauncey girl.  K-jazz started snapping photos of me stuntin with the boys.

Then the guys tried to stunt… ummmm sorry guys I’m way more bad ass 😉  bahahahaahh  get this visor off of me before I throw on a pink shirt and pop the collar!!!! 

Now this was just uncalled for.  This girl had her friends throwing coins at her and she was bouncing them off her BLEEEEEEEP.  I don’t know what was funnier, the fact that this girl was doing this in front of hundreds of people, or Kevin’s face when he saw her!!!!

On that note I ran off to the craps tables!  Now you can’t expect to win at craps without Foxy blowing on your dice for a little good luck!  After I explained that to the men playing they clearly understood why they had been losing!  So I did my part and spread a little good luck over the dice and the table started to heat up! 


Someone put bunny ears above my head, I’m not a bunny I’m a FOX!!!!

My work here was done, back to the party and meeting new friends!!  Look I found another fox!!!

And this is how we meet Barbie -self proclaimed HATER.  She told us that she doesn’t like girls and pretty much thinks she is hotter than anyone else, however she thought that we were the two hottest girls at the party (next to her of course) I LOVED this girl!!!   We hung out with her and her boyfriend on and off for the rest of the weekend. 


At one point she was explaining to us how SHE was the “situation”  hahahahahah!!!!   Your too funny girl, love you!!

The cops got busted checking us out, tisk tisk tisk, you should be working sirs!!!  Look at how guilty they are 😉

When you go out in Vegas there are usually photogs running around taking pics of people for their websites.  One of the sites is spyonvegas.com they took a couple photos of us and they came out great!  Thanks spyonvegas dudes! 

I think they call the party Rehab cause after the party is over you feel like you should be checked into a rehab!  We wrapped up the night by going up to our hotel room and getting ready for a night out.  That’s another great thing about Vegas, the party never stops only you do, and Foxy doesn’t stop!!

This is a pool party post not a club night post!!!!   You’ll just have to wait for the stories about the clubs;)  

Next stop is Relax Mondays at the Sky Bar….stay tuned!



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