Pool Party Weekend (Day 4 – Relax)

by on July 19, 2011

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I closed down my pool party weekend with “Relax” at the Sky Bar in Hard Rock.  By Monday everyone is defiantly ready to slow down and lay in the sun a little.  But when you’re in Vegas, even laying out at the pool is a party 😉  so K-jazz and I threw on our suits and headed to the pool.

Not that pool…..

THAT pool!

Here we are at the pool in the sky, with guest appearances by….





And LOOK!  I found yet another pool!!!!  They never end!

This by far was my favorite day of the getaway.  It was so relaxing to lay there and have drinks brought to you while you’re catching a tan.  The DJ was great and the pool turned into a crazy fist pumping dance party. 

I thought this girl was so lovely, she looked like a little angel.  Then I saw the ugly step sisters with her!! Hahahhahahah!!!!  No amount of makeup is going to fix your face, just stop!

Ill finish up with a little photo whoring for ya, and that wraps up the weekend.

What?  Not enough excitement for you????  It was Monday and I partied all weekend! Shhhhhish!  Even Foxy has to take it easy sometimes.  No worries I’m all rested now and I have a lot more to do!



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