Pool Party Weekend (Days 1 & 2)

by on July 10, 2011

I decided to spend the weekend at Hard Rock Hotel enjoying their pools for an official kick off to summer.  So K-jazz and I packed up the car and drove to Vegas.  We left late on Friday night and got into town around midnight, just in time for the party to start!  We spent the first night being tourist and walking to strip (yes with my camera and all, where is an Asian when I need one?).  No staying out to late for these girls, because we wanted to get to the pool at a decent time the next day!  And trust me I NEED  that beauty sleep 🙂


Hello Vegas!

Imagine my surprise when I realized that our hotel was on the third story looking out over the pool!  We don’t even have to rush to the party, we can see when it’s getting started from right here!!  *Yes I did creep hot guys from the window.  Whatever!!  You would have too!

I had to take a few minutes to photo whore….


 “Hey K-jazz, wanna go check that out?” –Foxy  “Oh Yeah” – K-jazz (in the Kool Aid man voice)

The cool thing about hard rock is that they have multiple pools to hang out at depending on your mood. 

 The main pool =


The sand beach pool=

And that up there is what they call the “sky bar”, but we will get there on Monday…

We headed back to the main pool which is where the most people were at and couldn’t help ourselves… we just had to go throw on some swim suits and join the fun!!!  So up to the room we go and quick change. 

K-jazz’s sexy look.

My sexy look…. Wtf happened???!!

We partied away the rest of the afternoon with a little performance from the New Boyz

They wanted us to come party with them that night but we got distracted by sushi and our favorite little hole in the wall bar 🙂  Sorry we didn’t answer when you blew up K-jazz’s phone “Legend”, maybe next time, or maybe you can turn I don’t know like 21 first!!  Bahahahahahah!!!!!!  You aint gonna tie us down….

Day three is all about Rehab so check back for the continuing saga of the weekend pool party!  I do have to say that we saved the best swim suits for it 😉



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  • Jesenia says:

    ‎”maybe next time, or maybe you can turn I don’t know like 21 first!!!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA priceless

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