Rehab @ the Hard Rock Hotel (guest appearance by Drake)

by on June 13, 2011

Perhaps you have heard of the Rehab party at the Hard Rock HotelTrutv made it all the rage with their reality TV show about the drama behind the scenes of the wildest pool party in Vegas!  Pool parties are the brand new hotness in Vegas right now, why party in the dark when you can run around almost naked in the sun!  So how could I possibly consider myself the life of the party if I haven’t even been, right?  Besides, you all deserve the inside scoop on the whole thing! So the first weekend I could skip town I headed to Las Vegas.  I happened to show up at Rehab on the day that Drake was performing, so this is an extra fun rehab to write about. 🙂

In true Foxy fashion, I had every intention of getting there nice and early to party the day away, but after the crazy Saturday night roomie (who will from here out be known as Kjazz- why, cause I think it suits her) and I had we didn’t roll in until about 3pm.  But truly it was great timing because Drake had just hit the stage and the party was tippin 🙂 everyone was singing and dancing and having a ball. 

We walked in on the far side of the pool so the pics of Drake singing are a little far away, sorry friends 🙁

Lil Wayne made a surprise appearance as well!

As you can see people are having a blast and he sounded great!

Sorry Kjazz this pic is all mine had to cut you out….hahahahaha!!!

The place was beyond packed!  Look at all the people!!!!  We shimmed are way through the crowd to take a look around…

The Rehab party is known for getting wild and this Sunday was no exception there were constant fights on the upper level.  You can see people running to get out of the way as one breaks out.  Security did a great job controlling everything, big ups!

However on the ground everyone was polite, fun loving and relaxed, rehab was living up to its name.   

Drake and Lil Wayne finished up there set so we decided to make our way through the crowd and up the stairs, cause why not go where all the fights are, right???? 

As we reached the top of the stairs we realized that we had the most perfect timing ever… look at who it was… this sooooooo made up for being across the pool during the show!

Security was ushering him to his cabana.

Someone in the crowd starting talking some sh*t to him and look at Drake mean mug!  Damn!!!  :O

People starting piling upstairs in masses at this point so we slipped back down the stairs and decided it was time to get a drink at start partying!!!  And party we did 😉 everyone was having the time of their lives and there were BIG booty shakin everywhere you turned!!

The booty that had them all beat was this girl!!!  LOOK AT THAT ASS!  I didn’t even think they could get that big.  She loved showing it off too, she had the whole place staring at her shakin and pressin it…yeshhhhh

If you make it to rehab be sure to grab a drink at the side bar.  Tell my boy Kevin that Golden Fox says Hi and tip him well my friends, he is a machine out there!!!!

The fights were so bad that the police showed up.  I don’t think they minded though, they stayed the rest of the time and looked at all the girls.  We know you liked it 😉

The drinks must have been working because we started to make all kinds of new friends!  Like this guy…

And our Columbian friend who had been here for only a few days.  He stayed by us for the rest of the day and for dinner afterward!  Supper sweet guy!  I hope you check out the blog and had a great vacation!!!

I think he is smelling me???!!!!  Crazy Columbian

We met a lot of Cali peeps out there for Memorial Day weekend.  That’s the great thing about being in Cali is that Vegas is your 4 hour away play ground!  This guy was from the OC too and got let in before us???  I thought we were cute kjazz?!!!!!

I think my top was falling off or kjazz pulled it down or something…. hard to tell when you’re having so much fun!

THIS GUY!  Omg I loved this guy!  He was just walking along saying how much fun he was having and how great everyone was and asking if I was having fun.  He was like the party well wisher guy that is checkin in making sure you have everything you need.  Hahahahahah!!!!  He had me cracking up! 

The guys were having so much fun with us they followed us right into the woman’s bathroom!  No no no boys, you can’t come in here!!!

Ok back to the party.  I love that everyone was dressed to impress (even if they didn’t :/ ) and were posing for me like they were somebody!

Girls were getting sprayed down with champagne while squealing.

All this ruckus and I’m trying to have a nice conversation with my new friend William Springfield who is an amazing photographer and I have mad respect for.  Oh ya and he can do “blue steel”.

The show stopper had to be when ‘supper drunk girl’ comes walking by in what I later realized is Victoria’s Secret Swarovski crystal BRA and UNDERWEAR.  *must point out guys face in the blue hat- bahahahahah*

The boys we are talking with started freaking out and I was like ‘what’??

Ohhhhhh right the T-BACK THONG PANTIES she had on was catching everyone’s attention. 

Now I have one thing to say to this girl.  Honey, I’m not hatin on the fact that your skanky ass wore panties and a bra to a pool party, do your thing… I’m upset that you tried to bust “the look” like you got some edgy style and you got so drunk your girls are stuck carrying you out of the party…. For shame. 

My other new friend of the day was Tony.  We had a great conversation and he is a really nice guy!  He deals with helping people whose homes are being foreclosed on, so if you know anyone who needs help, hit him up     and lets hope America can pull out of this-  buy product made in the USA, vote, use your voice!

He is also good at lifting girls…hahahah!!!

We finished out the night by meeting some of the rehab staff at there after hours hangout spot…. No no no I can’t tell you!!!  Something’s have to be just for Foxy’s fun!  Here is a little peak though, sorry about the blurry pic but these wild cats had me cracking up!

So the moral of the story is….. oh wait its Vegas, there is no moral!  Just get yourself to rehab as soon as you can cause the party only happens for the summer and tick tock the summer is in full force!  It a wild party, a great crowd, an outstanding staff, and a trip you won’t soon forget.



PS. So have to link to this for up close photos of Drake & Lil Wayne in VIP!

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