Roxbury Night Club Hollywood

by on September 21, 2012

I can’t live near Hollywood without going to the now infamous Roxbury at least once!  To my disappointment I found out that the Roxbury that is currently open is not the original club that the movie Night at the Roxbury was made about 🙁  Turns out that the original club was closed 1997 before the release of the movie in 1998.  Ouch!  Talk about bad timing.  Anyway, one of the original owners of Roxbury opened up a new Roxbury in 2011.  Its snob appeal is still in full force as I had hoped 😉

 My outfit for the night… so Grease lightning!  “Tell me about it, stud.”- Sandy

The club has an industrial feel to it and it’s very very crowded and small, for me a little too small.  The lights however are a psychedelic dream and make the super crowed dance floor more fun!

This picture was taken from the second story balcony.  I hear that’s where you can find the rich and famous when they are in the house.  You can see the whole club from there, tiny huh?  Where’s Foxy?

It’s a fun club but nothing that I would call outstanding.  The crowd was younger than most the other places I go but for the most part everyone was just really drunk and happy.  There is a smaller lounge/club around the back called Hemmingway which has a secret door between the Roxbury and it.  Honestly I liked this place way more!  It’s a little whole in the wall lounge but the atmosphere was killer.  They made it look like an old library! The music was much better, no house just old school hip-hop.  So if I had the choice I would probably pick Hemmingway over Roxbury for the night but both are well run with a very nice staff.

And that’s MY night at the Roxbury.



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