Sawdust Art Festival

by on December 19, 2012

The Sawdust Art Festival is a local art fair in Laguna Beach.  Local artists bring their goods to sell in an outdoor market and yes there is sawdust covering the walk ways.  It’s a relaxed atmosphere with live bands playing reggae and beer or wine for sell.  Nothing better than a glass of wine and a little art, right?  There were so many talented artists there and most of them were more than happy to engage you in conversation about their lives and their art. 

The caterpillars- really creepy or really cute?  I couldn’t decide…

 There is a Raku artist that I heard about that does very well at the festival, so I went to see his pieces.  Raku is an old ceramic art form from Japan. The pots are heated to about 1800 degrees then thrown into a barrel of leaves or paper that burst into flames.  The result is the variations of color and crackling you see in the glaze.  It’s a natural expression of art.  This artist’s name is Mike Brennan and I fell in love with his style!  I couldn’t help but take a few of his pieces home with me.  Here is the sales lady wrapping up my goodies.

I really love pottery and I’ve been collecting pottery mugs since I was a kid.  To me there is nothing better than enjoying my morning cup of coffee out of a handmade piece of art.  I picked up a new mug from artist Mark Blumenfeld while I was at sawdust, isn’t it lovely?


If you love art then put the Sawdust Art Festival on your lists of must do’s in Laguna Beach!!  It’s a great way to spend an afternoon with friends 🙂





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  • Janice Mereweather says:

    Hi there, if you like Brennans pottery then you really need to check out another raku artist I discovered at the Sawdust Festival, Robert H Jones.
    His work is just incredible and he is a really nice guy as well. His Raku style is similar to Mikes but his work has more detail. He also does this black and white style called horsehair (yes, using horsehair to get the patterns on the white clay). His work is more expensive than the other guy but its truly museum quality and worth it. Just thought I’d let you know!

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