Sinners Ball

by on December 1, 2011

What did you say? It’s December and I’m still posting about Halloween?!!!  Halloween lasts until I say it’s over!!!!!!  Hahahahaah  plus I’ve been super busy with all the other FUN THINGS I’m planning for this month 🙂  so let me have my Halloween just a little longer and I’ll tell you about the day after fetish and fantasy.

K-jazz and I got up in the earl afternoon hours and walked the strip like tourists.  Apparently she had never done this is her years of living there.  We walked through the casinos and saw the elaborate thanksgiving decorations….

 This looks like a post card! 


We watched some street performers and had a great time running around town. 






Then we went back home to do Halloween round 2!  This time we were headed to the Sinners Ball at Vanity in Hard Rock Casino.  And the theme of the night was an old school ode to service pin up 🙂


 Ahoy mate!

 There was a costume contest going on and these guys can as life size Bumble Bee and Tron!!

 It was a great party if not just a little too crowded, vanity it a fun night club for sure.


 Near the end of the night I met my new friend Leiman!  Sweet guy that lives out in San Fran and is a dancing machine!!!!!!  Thanks for the dances Leiman 🙂


Ok and so ends my Halloween in Vegas.  Ahhhhh I’m sad every year when it over 🙁   But that’s ok because it the official signal of winter, which means holiday parties and family and sweaters and hot coco……. AND NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My 2nd favorite holiday!!!

Happy holidays!  “HO HO HO”,


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