Smith Family Luau in Kauai

by on October 28, 2011

After my six hour hike in the jungle I showered, changed and rushed off to the Smith Family’s Luau.  I was told it was one of the best on the island, very authentic, pigs roasting in the ground and all!  They have the luau on their 30 Acer botanical garden that is just beautiful!  I can’t even tell you how ready for dinner and a cocktail I was!  As I walked in I was greeted by the men roasting the pig, ewwwww poor piggy.

There was a little time before dinner so I took a walk around the garden.  I found a very brave peacock walking around the banquet area, so I thought I would try and be friends.  I thought my dress would trick him into thinking I was a very large peacock friend, here little peacock….

He seemed feisty so I ran away!  Hahahahaha!!!!  Jungle woman FAIL.

*Kiss Kiss*

There are peacocks everywhere in this garden!!!  I tried to pet him and he ran off 🙁 damn oversized bird.

Let dinner begin!  Oh boy was it good.  All kinds of local treats like taro (which is nasty) and fresh fruit and that poor little pig was rather tasty :)~  During dinner the smith family put on a song and dance show teaching us all a little about luau dancing and what the different hand gestures mean.  Maybe I’m a little blonde but I never knew it was a form of sign language!  I just thought they shook their hips a lot… I feel so enlightened!

After dinner and a few Mai Tai’s we all went to grab a seat for the luau.  This was quit the show!  The stage is a beautiful set up, open air, surrounded by water and plant life.  They took us on a tour of the island representing a dance from each island and explaining how it reflected the culture of those people.

Here are some short film clips to give you a taste of what the music was like.
This song is hauntingly beautiful…

These are the fire dancers!

If you ever find yourself in Kauai I would highly recommend the Smith family luau.  This family surely knows how to throw a party!  Sadly that was the last night I spent on the island.  The next morning Mr. X and I flew back to LA.  I had such a good time in Kauai that I couldn’t even be sad and I think being on an island for so long was making me go a little crazy….. Hahahahahah!!!!!

Quick!  Get me back to civilization before I run into the jungle and never come back!

Bye Kauai,


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