Something Wicked this way comes

by on December 8, 2011

As December kicks off I can’t think of a better activity than going to see a play.  I LOVE plays, the extreme dramatization, the spontaneous choreographed dancing, the glitter and the lights!   As far as plays go everyone out here is talking about Wicked.  The LA version of Wicked had a long run a few years ago and they just brought it back this winter and well… its kinda “a thing” out here.  It’s being performed at the Pantages Theater, which used to be the home of the Academy Awards in the 50s, and now hosts some of the best plays in LA.  I was ecstatic to go see Pantages built originally in the 30’s for vaudeville acts.  The art deco ambience is truly breath taking!!!! 

Wicked is a pre story to the Wizard of Oz, delving into the relationship between the “wicked witch of the west” and the” good witch of the north”. Ok so first let me apologize for the graininess of the pics.  Alpha took a bit of a spill and is currently being repaired, so I’m not working with my normal camera.



  I’m working on my wickednesssssssssssss

I started my night of theater with a walk down Hollywood and Vine to the sushi restaurant Katsuya.  Hands down the most fun sushi place I have been to in Cali.  I wish I would have taken more pics and I will defiantly go back and do a post just on this place!! 




Check out this food!!!

Sautéed peppers


Ceviche and spicy tuna roll.



Eel roll


All the food was yummy!  With my tummy full I headed to the Pantages Theater.  There were three men standing on the street singing as I walked into the entry way.  They had a hat at their feet and the crowds of people shuffled by clenching there coats in the crisp twilight air.  They allowed NO photography inside the theater so all I was able to sneak was some pretty terrible phone pics but its enough to give you an idea. 

This is the main lobby.

The theater from the balcony seats.

The stage from my seat, not bad huh?

 A close up of the celling.  The blue glowed to give you the feeling of a Mayan sky.

  Quick recap of the play: the special effects and stage sets were the best I’ve seen yet! The actors were so talented and the singing was beautiful. I found the music a little fluffy and Disney for my taste but very appropriate for children. The story line was consistent to the original Wizard of Oz right down to the magic SILVER slippers not ruby (if you don’t know why I would encourage you to read up on the underline message of the original Wizard of Oz). At times the story got a little to mushy and lovey dovey for me, to the point of losing my interest entirely, but if you can make it through that there is defiantly some enjoyably moments in Wicked that are well worth the price you pay to see it.

After the play I went across the street to the W hotel for a drink.  The W’s are always beautiful and Hollywood’s is no exception.


 They had a clear plastic tent covering the patio area so you could still enjoy a drink outside without feeling cold.  To my surprise there was a live jazz band with a female lead singer, very Amy Winehouse style and every “cool cat” in the city had come out to see.  The people watching was great!  In LA when you go out you dress not only to impress but to raise an eyebrow and get noticed, so I was treated to all sorts of crazy outfits and some truly impeccable style and a few gorgeous custom made suits. 

  At the end of the night I strolled back to the car.  Hollywood is a weird place, there are homeless people everywhere begging for a dollar and people with designer cloths and expensive cars right next to them.  It’s a social clash that is so incredibly black and white in its contrast that it’s hard to not be a little disturbed…..



I guess everything has a wicked side now doesn’t it….. 



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