Study hard kids

by on September 13, 2011

Ok so I know I just went on a rant about education not too long ago, but this whole thing really gets to me!  I’m setting at a coffee shop in Beverly Hills surrounded by the dozens of collage kids caught in the system, trying to make it.  School right?  The question has changed from will you go to college to what college will you go to?  Everyone continues to a “secondary” education now don’t they?  Similar to the European system where children go to school for what 10 years or so and then they test to go to either a university or to some sort of trade school if you will.  Is that not the way we are going in America?  Gone are the days that you moved here with nothing, worked hard to make a living and started something of your own.  Gone are the days when you figured things out for yourself and in turn perhaps did them better and faster that anyone ever has.  Now you cannot possibly make it in the world unless you sit in an overcrowded class room and listen to someone else tell you about all the smart people that came before you and all the wonderful things that they did. If you challenge any of the status quo ideas then you are never going to make it because somewhere along the line we decided that everything that was ever going to be discovered or understood already has and there is NO other way of seeing things.  However, if you try hard, very hard you may be able to memorize enough to have a meaningful career.  Never mind the piles of school loans that you’ll be paying off so the true net of your wealth won’t be realized for decades.

So here I set, watching them…. They look tired, like the Adderall is wearing off.  They look bored like the info they are trying to shove in their heads is simply not stimulating.  They look like they are trying so hard to jump through hoops that they never have thought that they could make the hoops, or just throw them away.  Most of these are not going to school to be a doctor or a pilot or anything that would require some sort of education so as not to endanger anyone.  These kids are going to school for business, marketing, art, interior design, or any number of BS degrees that you don’t really need at all.  Give these kids the four years of their life back and have them go work in the field they want to be in.  Have them volunteer for god’s sake it would still be less expensive!  The amount of knowledge that they would come out with would trump a degree and they would be contributing members of society instead of leaching off their parents who already lost their 401k and work dead end jobs they hate because they too couldn’t see beyond their own four walls.  You make your life, never let anyone tell you what to think, only learn how to think and search for understanding.  You’re not alive to repeat the understandings of yesterday you are alive to show the world the understandings of tomorrow.




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