Supperclub Hollywood

by on March 6, 2012

One of my favorite things about going out in Hollywood is sitting in traffic on Hollywood Blvd. with the hundreds of other cars just “trying to get there”.  As your stop and go in the traffic it turns into some kind of mixer event where people start talking car to car and guys hit on you and you see at LEAST one car on the side of the road with all the 20 something’s pulled out on to the curb and the bottles of alcohol lined up that they had with them….. Oh LA. You gotta love it.  Everyone is stuntin’ and even if you have no idea what you’re doing the name of the game is to act like you do and like your, well, SOMEBODY. 

 One thing I will never understand are the people who wait literally hours in line just trying to get into the club.  Like please treat me like dirt, make me wait and then I’ll give you money to finally let me in.  No no no.  That’s not my idea of a good time. Just look at them all! 

 Not me man.  I slip in the back, with some friends and we are in in seconds….. Welcome to Supperclub

The girls drop from the celling over the dance floor.

 All three walls in this room are big screens.  Usually they are playing the music videos or showing the crowd.  All the way against the far wall is the DJ booth (you can just see his head) don’t worry; we end up there so you can see!

 Alright!  Time to rock the night out 😉

 This is the DJ booth and a better look at the dance floor.

 They have a smoke machine going off and everything is Vampire foggy.  OHLALALA I LOVE!!!

A little taste of what is was like.



 Occasionally the girls drop down with bottles for the VIP!

 This guy was a dancing fool with his glowy stick thingy.  This glow sticks are huge out here and I don’t really understand why?  Nice guy though 🙂

 As the night draws to and end they bring up the lights and people say good bye to friends.  You can see how this must be a beautiful place for dinner, the interior design here is outstanding!!!

 Outside everyone pouring out of the clubs hit up the street venders for a hotdog or burrito, classy boys 😉 time for me to make the drive home.  Not for long though!!!!  Foxy is about to move on up to Los Angeles to continue my Cali. journey Hollywood style! 



Ps.  This post is dedicated to Patti who tells me “Will you post something new?  Your blog sucks right now!”  Hahahahahaa   got to love that people care enough to hate on me 🙂  Thanks Patti for telling me I fell off!  No rest for the wicked and blogging -got it!

PSS.  How sad am I that I can’t take Alpha out at night because I lost her flash?….. very.  How sad am I that the Sony plant was flooded and it’s been 4 MONTHS since I ordered a new one!?!?!?!?!!  Errrrrrrrrr    We just have to suffer with these lower res pic for a while longer 🙁  Sorry friends.











































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