Sawdust Art Festival

The Sawdust Art Festival is a local art fair in Laguna Beach.  Local artists bring their goods to sell in an outdoor market and yes there is sawdust covering the walk ways.  It’s a relaxed atmosphere with live bands playing reggae and beer or wine...


The Big Parade Los Angeles

I little piece of fun Los Angeles culture is a new movement called “The Big Parade Los Angeles”.  Basically a few people who love to walk around the city got together and created a two day walk that starts in down town LA and ends...


Art of the Bahamas

Click here for part one, two, and three of Foxy’s Bahamian Adventure! I had heard of an art piece by Antonius Roberts called “Welcome” which is a part of his “sacred spaces” movement.  Antonius is a Bahamian artist that creates works of art from trees...


Night out

I’ve been working so much lately that there hasn’t been much time for fun 🙁    However I was able to slip out with the girls for a night on the town and thought I would self glorify for a minute with some photo whoring.  My friends James...

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