Back from Dallas

I’m back from Dallas and had an amazinggggggggg New Year’s!!! I hope all you had a wonderful New Year’s too with friends and family and a great resolution that you won’t keep! Hahahahah!!! I never make New Year’s resolutions… that actually was my last resolution...


Definition of a Chauncey Part 2 -Short Money

I had my friend call me the other day and share a horrible date story with me. As she was telling me (and I was dying laughing) I realized this HAD to be the next example of a Chauncey I wrote about. So without further...


Definition of a chauncey #1

CHAUNCEY- My word for guys I hate. Definition from urbandictionary “1) a man aged 18-24 who wears pink collared shirts, (with collar up), plaid abercrombie shorts, normally drives an expensive vehicle. Extremely prevelant in the upper north east part of the country. Also, this man seems to...

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