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Marilyn Monroe Dress

 As you can probably can imagine I get, “You look like Marilyn Monroe” A LOT.  So I thought I would get a Marilyn style dress and take it for a spin around town!  These pictures were taken at The Edison in Los Angeles.  This place...


Vegas @ M Resort & LAX Night Club

If you have never driven into Vegas you have really missed out on some rural western landscape!  So first and foremost, I will share with you a little of the ‘wild yonder’.  Once we get to Vegas we are going to The M Resort for...


Victorian Fashion Show -part 1

A few weeks ago my grandmother called me to invite me to a Victorian fashion show of which she was the guest of honor.  As you can imagine I was beyond thrilled to go to such an event!  Why is my grandmother the guest of...


Victorian Fashion Show- part 2

To return to Part 1 Now the rest of the fashion show consisted of replicas of Victorian fashion presented in a timeline with a brief history of each style.  I must say that the presentation was very well put together and so informative!  The dresses...


6-21-11 update

Man I love the summer!!!!  Life gets really fast around this time of year.  There is so much to do and so many events to attend.  I will try and blog it all as fast as I can, but I’m still getting started at this...

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