News Flash 10/3/11

The band named LMFAO made a song about my friend Bishoy!!!!!  No joke, full on filmed at Venice Beach and all. If you haven’t read my blog about meeting him at Muscle Beach check it out and then watch the video.   They did a great...


Foxy & the Acrobats

My new friend Bishoy offered to show me around Santa Monica and meet a few of the people he knows.  Gotta tell ya, life Bishoy style is defiantly a unique experience!  First stop on my guided tour was the ORIGINAL muscle beach.  It’s on the south...


Red Hot Chilli Peppers film Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie

I’m back after a long pause in posting!   Having my computer crash was a bigger ordeal than I thought it would be.  It took days for them to set up my new computer and then days after than for me to organize the info that was...

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