Teachers- Light ’em up!!!!

by on August 27, 2011

Today technology has taken a BIG role in education.  Everything from you computer being used as a type writer and library to emailing teachers and classmates.  For example a  lot of people I know now are going to school for business right now so they use the “can’t live without” programs for gmat prep that will lead them to success.  Or they turn to one of the online directories for MBA resources.  We have so many tools now days to help us learn more information at a faster pace, but what new social issues are raised with this increase in technology that affects the school place?

I was listing to National Public Radio -NPR the other day (yes cause I’m an old person on the inside!) and they were discussing the rising issue of cheating in school.  Teachers were complaining about the unstoppable problem of students copying essays off the internet or using their smart phone to look up answers during a test.  See not EVERONE is using this technology to learn, some are using it to skate through there collage experience without learning a thing!  After listening to this it brought another question to my mind, why do we not like to learn?

I’m the kind of person that loves to learn about everything so I have a hard time understanding why people don’t want to learn. However, if I were to think about the reasons that would make me cheat I would come from a place of perhaps being overloaded with school work, or a complete lack of engagement on a subject.  These things would greatly affect my interest level.  So as the teachers on NPR were droning on and on about how bad the students were and fancy programs they need to run essays through to check for plagiarism (which they would like more money for) all I could think is how broken our schools are.

When is the last time that teacher INSPIRED people to learn.  Create a learning agenda that is a balanced workload, include practical application and experience to engage and acclimate the students, have the information delivered by a teacher who is a PROFESSIONAL on the subject and come to class with enthusiasm and passion to teach.  See we keep blaming students for their lack of ambition to learn and never look at the quality of the teachers we have in life.  Being a teacher is a huge resonsiblity, you form the minds of future generations.  You could unlock the potential of the next Einstein if you focus your energy on your controllable – the quality of your teaching and ability to reach multiple learning styles.  The best piece of advice I was ever given in management is “look at the coach first” if someone is not performing to your standards then ask yourself what YOU can change to reach them better.  Yes some people will still chose to cheat and slid under the radar in the education, but those people will exit school into a REAL world where only the smartest and most adaptable will be successful.  Let  people do as they please, if the energy of our teachers is focused on delivering the most inspiring educational experience to those hungry to learn we will have plenty of students who are engaged in the classroom with all the technology at their fingertips to enlighten them beyond our wildest dreams.  It’s time we had a world of great mind not a world of lip service degrees….

Take that NPR,

The painting that is featured for this article is by Matthew Berglund an example of someone who has had and has been an amazing teacher!

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