The 411 on the last few weeks…

by on May 19, 2011

Hi!  I know I’ve been MIA for a minute but I promise I’m working on fun adventures for us!!  First bit of exciting news is that I’m going to get hair extensions put in on Fri. 🙂   I can’t wait to take pics and show you!  Next thing is maybe another Vegas trip in the works….  Other than that I have been tolerating the dreary rainy weather lately.  Is it supposed to rain in so cal???? 

For your viewing pleasure some random photos from the last few weeks:

I had Easter brunch at Tower café in Sacramento.  I just LOVE this place!   Eclectic and artsy with a super nice staff.  This guy was making balloon animals.

Is that a monkey with a big….. oh wait it’s the tail!

Yvette and I tried going out in downtown Fullerton to checkout the collage scene, it was less than “poppin off” as people had told us… but they gave us a table and our waiter was supper fun!! 

I think he is trying to eat my eyes out!!  Very B rate horror 😉

Hahahahahah!!!!  He just picked up Yvette’s drink and drank it, ewwwwww.

On Cinco de Mayo I went out in Santa Ana with Yvette and my neighbor/new friend Joshua.  We had a blast down in the arts district in Santa Ana! 

The Cinco de Mayo look:

Ok so that’s catches you up on my latest fun.  Sprinkle in a few bad sushi meals (I’m still on the hunt for good sushi, any suggestions???)  and a fight with my lion of a cat when I tried to bathe him, you really have to meet him soon….and there you have my last few weeks!  Next stop long Pamela Lee hair 😉



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