The Big Parade Los Angeles

by on September 26, 2012

I little piece of fun Los Angeles culture is a new movement called “The Big Parade Los Angeles”.  Basically a few people who love to walk around the city got together and created a two day walk that starts in down town LA and ends in the hills by the Hollywood sign.  It takes place once a year and the goal is to educate people on the walking routes in LA so people know that it is, in fact, a walkable city.  The organizers of BPLA have put a lot of thought and effort into how this walk can be enjoyed by everyone.  There is a detailed schedule of meeting points as the walk progresses so you can jump in anytime along the way.  They have parts of the walk for children, parts that take you to see art, famous land marks, lots of stairs, and of course some beautiful views.  They even set up a movie for the end of Saturday night for everyone to enjoy.  To me this sounded like a great opportunity to see parts of LA I may not know and be part of a movement in this town to get people out of their houses and connecting with each other face to face.   

After looking at the detailed schedule of the walk and the very helpful suggestions on where to park, how to find them, to bring water and sunscreen, etc.  I was ready to join the parade!  I chose to join the Big Parade on Saturday right before they headed to the Echo Park Art Walk.  The schedule said they would be at Steelhead Park at 12:30pm for a lunch break so I caught up with them there.

 There was a decent size group of people, maybe 60 or so.  They were from all different walks of life, business men with their families, hippies, hiking enthusiasts, people who looked like they had never hiked a day in their lives, tourists speaking other languages, and bloggers….;)  Everyone was very nice, the group was a little hot and tired but in great spirits!  We set off for a walk alongside the Los Angeles River, through some hillside neighborhoods and to Echo Park Art Walk. 

 I’ve seen prettier rivers I would have to say…

 A quick Pow-Wow to make sure everyone is doing okay and our journey continues.

This guy was super ready for WALKING with his toe shoes and all!  LOL!!!  People act like they have never walked before.  NEWS FLASH: You do it everyday….

 We finally make it down to the art walk after about two hours.  This wasn’t exactly what I had expected out of an art walk, but it turned out to be really interesting.  The word ‘art’ was more loosely interpreted that I had experienced before.  This art walk had vintage shops where people painted on antiques or somehow manipulated them for a new purpose.  The art was mixed media, modern, and hipster.  There were people selling goods on the side walk.  Others were playing musical instruments in there yard and invited you to stay, even offering water or wine.

 It is California so they have to have something for the dog too!  Wash your dog and buy some art….okay.

 That was about enough for me for one day!  I skipped out on the group and went to have dinner!!  But I’m happily awaiting next year’s Big Parade so I can check out at least one or two new places on the guided tour!  Thanks so much BPLA for coming up with and orchestrating such a great way for people to meet and get to know our home town 🙂

Your city walking buddy,


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  • Andrew says:

    Aloha Foxy!

    I wanted to say thanks again for submitting this article to the Byteful Travel Blog Carnival, and also: Congratulations! This article is one of 3 that have been highlighted in the 15th BT Blog Carnival, which was published today. Thanks so much for sharing the photos and story with us! There were so many photos that I felt as if I were walking along with you. (And I never realized buildings in LA could be so colorful!)

    If you could retweet, stumble, and “Like” the blog carnival, I would really appreciate it. It would also help people discover your article, too; especially since your article is one of only 3 that I highlighted.

    Thanks again! I always enjoy your article submissions 🙂

  • Andrew says:

    Whoops, the link to the carnival was mistyped: The 15th Byteful Travel Blog Carnival.

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